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Thread: Windows 10 Upgrade

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    Windows 10 Upgrade

    I upgraded my own laptop the other day from Windows 8.1 to 10 and it went so smoothly and has worked so great for me that I decided to upgrade my daughter's Windows 7 laptop before the free upgrade to Windows 10 expires this Friday.

    It was the wrong decision. It took 3 nights of attempts to get it to install, and now it is apparently installed, but now, after it boots up, we only get a black screen. Have read, after the fact, that the issue may be due to the video drivers needing updating, but can't get to a point where I can get into safe mode so that I can install them.

    Have tried to do a system restore, but there's no earlier point available to choose from. So, am now trying to go back to a previous build.

    I think if I can just get it to a point where we get past the black screen, I will try to update the video drivers to see if that helps. Other than that, no clue what the next steps are and will probably wind up taking it to a computer repair shop, where I suspect they are making a killing repairing Windows 7 laptops that underwent the upgrade.

    If anyone has gone through this and has any advice, it's much appreciated. Not that I'll understand it, because I'm not a techie, but could take your advice to my son, who is a techie, who might be able to help.

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    my moms pc she accidently upgraded is still unsuable.

    I cant upgrade this laptop because the onboard intel chip lost support in Apr 2015... 3 months after purchase. It has 2 hardware pieces that CAN NOT BE UPDATED. Because of this it will spiral into uselessness if I upgrade. I was lucky that I own copy of win 7 and could do clean install after a wipe

    I am looking at this:
    Microsoft will give you a new laptop if it can?t upgrade your system to Windows 10 | ExtremeTech

    if true I will get windows 10 for dummies and call it a day
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    Really? Microsoft is ending the free upgrade? I haven't kept up with it so I don't know how the new sales policy works. What is it now, a subscription you have to sign up for? Everything is going that way these days.

    If you still have your Windows 7 disk, you might just re-install that operating system and then go step by step through the upgrades in 7, 8 and then 10. Painful, I know! But that may be a way to do it.

    My thing with newer Windows versions it that Microsoft constantly imposes it's design philosophies on everyone. I loved Aero Glass in Windows 7, but they took it away in 8 and haven't re-introduced it completely in 10 (you still can't get transparent caption bars). They also took away the ability to change your icon font, and now in 10 you can't even get colored caption bars. You get a white screen with a white caption bar. How idiotic is that?

    Fortunately I have workarounds for all of that. I implemented a hack that gave me colored caption bars, installed a 3rd party plug-in that gave me aero-glass, and there is a registry entry that you can set to give you your choice of Windows fonts. So I have a tweaked Windows 10 that has Times New Roman font in my explorer screen, transparent-blurred caption bars and my choice of colors. I love being a computer geek!

    To get your Windows font, set this registry entry:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\IconFont = <your favorite font name>.

    ** Unfortunately, this is a binary value so setting it is a little tricky.

    This article talks about getting colored caption bars back in Windows 10.
    How to Get Colored Window Title Bars on Windows 10 (Instead of White)

    To get back color choices, follow these steps.

    1. Press [window key]-R to open the "run" box.
    2. Type "control color". This gives you the color options you had in Windows 7.

    This web site has info on the aero glass plugin. The latest version for Windows 8.1 also works with 10.
    Aero Glass for Windows 8.x+
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    Windows 10 update breaks PowerShell and Microsoft won't fix it until next week

    Windows 10 update breaks PowerShell and Microsoft won't fix it until next week | ZDNet

    I believe Microsoft needs to design and develop Windows from scratch. Various types of hardware have come and are coming. Then there is that quantum computers which can have both 1 and 0 at the same time unlike other computers we are familiar today.

    Today, users expect a lot more from Tech giants than ever. If they aren't satisfied they will find alternatives.
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