As you can imagine, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Panama. However my mom used to work for a US government agency and she always had Thanksgiving off. So my mom, grandma and I would pick a hotel that catered to Americans, and we had the buffet lunch, with turkey, stuffing and all the traditional American dishes.

Since I married Nick, I tried to celebrate Thanksgiving, American style, inviting family members, cooking the traditional dishes, and ending up exhausted and unhappy. Why? Because my family members do not contribute dishes like families do in the US, do not join Nick to watch football on TV, and speak Spanish during the whole meal, which Nick does not understand 100% and does not speak.

On the other hand, OUR Mother's Day is December 8th and I have another lunch to host, plus Christmas and New Years. So... this year I am going with Thanksgiving - MY style, which is to go to a hotel and have all the dishes that Americans like, prepared by Chefs, and not by little me.

And my mom, Nick and I can speak English throughout the meal.

Let's see how it goes.