We have had a few posts about noted politicians, etc, in AGR's, but they always seemed to be OM/YW so far.

Where else but France? Emmanuel Macron, 39 year old leader of the new En Marche party and formerly Economy Minister, is married to 63 year old Brigitte Trogneux, once his teacher at the equivalent of high school. Analysts think he is a good bet for ending up President, perhaps the first YM head of state.

From the BBC, French presidency: Fired-up liberal Macron in push for top job - BBC News

"The battle is on for the left-wing voters of France. But whoever wins the run-off on Sunday to be Socialist candidate in this spring's presidential election, many believe it will mark only the start of that fight for votes.
Emmanuel Macron is not in the running in Sunday's primary and yet his name almost always crops up. Although he served in the Socialist government as economy minister, the 39-year-old now heads his own newly-formed political movement, En Marche (On the move), which he describes as neither left nor right.
Mr Macron is starting to worry his far more experienced rivals. Polls suggest he could come in third if the election were held today. And there are many in the Socialist party who are flocking to his side. In a few short months, 150,000 members have signed up to his liberal, pro-Europe agenda - twice as many members as the governing Socialist Party has.
In a field of five key candidates, he is the only one who is "doubly-liberal" - on both economic and social issues. And he is the newest arrival to politics by far....

.... Emmanuel Macron was once a small town boy from Amiens, two hours' drive north of Paris. It's where he met his future wife; at the local Jesuit school. The only twist in that timeless, romantic story is that she was his teacher, not a fellow pupil.

I wouldn't say the 24-year AG was obvious - but our age gaps often are not.



I did like this image that came up in a quick search: a press photographer managed to capture Mme Trogneau's expression just as a naked protester appeared in front of them.