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Thread: Finding an age gap partner

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    Finding an age gap partner

    How does one go about seeking a relationship with a woman significantly older than himself. I find older women more attractive, attentive, grounded,mature and easier to talk to. All desirable traits in a partner, but I just don't see these qualities in many women close to my age but I don't how to go about meeting people. Any suggestions maybe stories about how you and your partner met

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    Imagining exactly the person you want will work for you sooner or later. Start meeting a lot of people and just be casual. That usually worked for me in the past.

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    Same way you meet anyone else really. Go out or hit the dating sites. Some sites allow you to set the age parametres you are wanting so you can see upfront the women who are interested in younger men.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmccay2319 View Post
    Any suggestions maybe stories about how you and your partner met
    Quote Originally Posted by Dillow View Post
    Start meeting a lot of people and just be casual.
    Yes, I think many people find their partners when not deliberately looking at all. When Ann and I first met (waiting for a shuttle bus at a folk music festival) neither of us meant to meet someone, but we did, and that was 26 years ago now.

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    Do not set any age requirement. Older women are like any other women, some are bitter witches who never matured. Others are angels that came from the heavers to be your life long companion. Others are in between. Ditto with younger women. Keep your mind and heart open, and put yourself out there. IMHO dating sites are a bit artificial, you may set requirements, and someone may meet them all, but you do not click, yet you may click with a person you would not have anticipated.
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