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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    It's been a while and was starting cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow. (US holiday) I was giving thanks for my life and my wonderful husband and thought I'd pop on to wish you all happiness and give a very quick update. So..... everything here is still great. Happy in our relationship, jobs, life, etc. Overall things have been quiet besides a special vacation to a gaming convention last month where we had a fabulous time.

    Quick background info: 30 year gap, younger man, met online gaming, friends for years then married almost 4 years ago now.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Canadian so we already celebrated last month but hope yours is great.

    And thanks for the update. Love to hear of successful and happy relationships with a larger than average age gap. May you continue to be blessed with love!

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    Happy Thanksgiving! In Panama we also celebrate Thanksgiving, we celebrate as many international holidays as we can.
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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