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Thread: Good bye to workers

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    Good bye to workers

    I have owned a small company for 25 years. Very small, only 5 workers. Since March their contracts have been suspended. Only one remained, working for home. That means that for 4 or them, I was not paying their salary, but only paying them for odd jobs, while the governments gave them a small subsidy. I have been very sad because the workers are like my children, we were a family. (Actually my son was one of the workers). So my son got a job. Another one of th workers quit. But I have to fire two this month. I can't keep them hanging if there is no way my company will go back to what it was during the whole 2021. This is so sad. I have cried. I have lost sleep, but there is nothing I can do.
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    Sorry to hear of this, SLK. You are right, there is nothing you can do, but no-one likes to see what they have made fade away so, and it is creditable that you are concerned for your staff.

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    This is very sad, but happening everywhere in the world. (((HUGS)))
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