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Thread: VH1's Top 40 Hair Bands of All Time

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    Genevieve Guest

    Cool VH1's Top 40 Hair Bands of All Time

    Here's a list to ponder upon. Is your band on here? What bands should be on the list but aren't? What bands shouldn't be on the list? (My band Extreme is here!) Rock on!

    1. Poison
    2. Twisted Sister
    3. Bon Jovi
    4. Motley Crue
    5. Cinderella
    6. Warrant
    7. Quiet Riot
    8. Def Leppard
    9. Slaughter
    10. Dokken
    11. Ratt
    12. Winger
    13. Whitesnake
    14. White Lion
    15. Great White
    16. Lita Ford
    17. Skid Row
    18. Kiss
    19. Britny Fox
    20. Scorpions
    21. Europe
    22. WASP
    23. Vixen
    24. Firehouse
    25. Danger, Danger
    26. Mr. Big
    27. Stryper
    28. LA Guns
    29. Trixter
    30. Bullet Boys
    31. Tesla
    32. Saigon Kick
    33. Kix
    34. Autograph
    35. Faster P*ssycat
    36. Night Ranger
    37. Steelheart
    38. Jackyl
    39. Extreme
    40. Hanoi Rocks \ Michael Monroe
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    ravenglow Guest
    Gen I dont know how I missed your list!! Seeing those old bands was a flash back!!

    Anybody ever hear of Dee Snider of Twisted Sister's band Widowmaker???
    Stand by for Pain rocked circa 1994

    I guess Twisted Sister was pretty big in the mid-80's when I was in highschool. They had some huge anthems and I think that they get a bad rap, Dee Snider is extremely talented!!

    My son is 12, and I have this compulsion to tell him exactly where I was and what I was doing around the time that a song or band was popular----which is quite often lately since he is big into 80's music.
    He's so funny because his standard response is to roll his eyes and mutter "Boring 70's Flashbacks!"

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    Genevieve Guest
    LOL, I did not make up the list.. it is from VH1. I was just so excited to see my all time favorite band on there! Because usually they are forgotten.

    E X T R E M E

    (why, look at all that beautiful hair!)
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