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Thread: Eminem

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    MusicLuvR Guest

    Thumbs down Eminem

    Anyone besides me annoyed by this punkass?

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    swanqueen Guest
    I LOVE EMINEM I used to hate him but after 8 mile road I love some of his stuff. So real, so raw.... So ... I don't know, don't miss your chance, this is your shot. No I love him.
    I am not really aware of his woman hater anti gay stuff so if that's why you hate him ok. What I have heard I love.

    By the way I grew up on 8 mile road.

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    PinkPanther_04 Guest
    Well, I'm still confused as to what he's rebelling against. The cultural and corporate system that he supposedly despises has made him incredibly rich and famous. He must be pretty smart because he certainly knows how to create a public image and use the media to his advantage.

    I don't like some of the things he says, but he's got a good lyrical style and actually raps, unlike most "rappers" these days who are just doing really bad hip-hop.

    He gives kids someone to identify with, which is in some ways good (because he grew up in a really bad situation and has made himself successful) and bad in others (his lyrics are pretty disturbing at times). I do think most kids are smart enough to know what is real and what is just for show - in most cases.

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    DHShogun Guest
    He has been on my nerves for a long time, and I don't like him. With that being said however, I still can not deny that he is one of the illest lyricists I have ever heard. I've seen him make entire verses with multiple rhymes in each line.

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    Maria Guest
    Yes, I agree with DS. Also his songs, despite what is in the lyrics, have a great beat and are catchy.

    I would love to see him writing just a normal love song one day. Dreaming too much?

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    Joe Guest
    Eminem's tha' shiat!!!

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    Adm. Calrissian Guest

    Re: Eminem

    Originally posted by MusicLuvR
    Anyone besides me annoyed by this punkass?
    He is a middle class white kid trying to be some ghetto kid from the hood. HE fails.
    His 'marshall mathers' act is okay a bit, but really, how long is he gonna keep this act up ?

    Eminem, Quit pretending to be poor and down with the kids.

    Calrissian : "M&M's, oh yeah, thems be tasty treats"

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    Carazy Guest
    I love Eminem!

    He's got a great sense for rythm plus I find his lyrics very clever and articulate - and he got a wicked sense of humor ...

    Bascically, a very talented guy, so as far as I am concerned And attitude is part of the show bizz - always has been, doubt this is gonna change anytime soon

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    datura81 Guest
    Um.....Eminem grew up in a trailer park, so if that's middle class in your book, tell me where you live so I can stay the HELL away from there! I ain' tryn to DIE!

    Granted, some of his subjects weren't worthy of the thought necessary to write good flow, but for the most part I think he's a genius. He's very, very talented with language. He's a modern poet.

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