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Thread: Match Up Quiz for Singles!

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    swanqueen Guest

    Re: Match Up Quiz for Singles!

    Originally posted by PoliteSuccubus
    Yes, it's sorta been done before, but why the heck not!

    Gender you seek: Male ALL MALE
    Your Age: 52
    Age range you seek: 35 to 55 I mean I'm open but this seems reasonable.
    Top three hobbies:
    1. Hiking (backpacking)
    2. Working out at the gym
    3. Reading
    Top three "life" goals:
    1. Get my masters degree in IT
    2. Get my son out of highschool
    3. Leave Michigan
    Top three pet peeves:
    1. lying
    2. cheating
    3. being overly critical
    Top three turn ons:
    1. spiritual
    2. healthy lifestyle
    3. affectionate

    A good day consists of: Alone with my loved one

    Eat IN or Eat OUT or TAKE OUT? Eat In. I like to cook. I like the atmosphere at home.

    I rank health issues (good diet, excerise, etc) VERY HIGH

    I am NOT CLOSE to my family They are all dead

    I would like to become CLOSE or NOT CLOSE to my SO's family. Either, up to him.
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    bfett20 Guest


    Gender you seek:female
    Your Age:25-40
    Age range you seek:
    Top three hobbies:
    1.movies games
    Top three "life" goals:
    1.graduate college a filmmaker
    3.having a loving wife and family
    Top three pet peeves:
    3.militant anti-smokers
    Top three turn ons: people
    2.good mind
    3.friendly smile

    A good day consists of: (chose one)

    Combined alone time with loved one and then friends

    Eat IN or Eat OUT or TAKE OUT? both
    I rank health issues (good diet, excerise, etc) VERY HIGH to NOT IMPORTANT high

    I am VERY CLOSE to NOT CLOSE to my family
    close but not
    I would like to become CLOSE or NOT CLOSE to my SO's family.

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    Maria Guest
    What is it that you don't like on militant anti-smokers, Bfet?

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    Maria Guest
    Btw, keep that answer waiting until tomorrow, I will go to bed now, beauty sleep demands...

    But I want you to know I have asthma and don't tolerate people who think they own the air I breathe...

    Now to you!
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    SnowPrincess Guest
    Theres really no reason for thinking anyone owns the air anyone breathes, I bit my lip on this one, but now I see no one seems to be posting.
    Maria, he wasn't pointing anyone out here, so I think he deserves the same respect.
    Smoking is a major debate for many, they love the tax money, they hate the health risk, some smoke, some don't, some want a ban, some don't. Heck some want to ban alcohol too, (health risk)
    But I am a smoker, it is legal for me, and I have asthma, but I don't wheez from smoke I wheez from CATS!! I can smoke and be around smokers in a smoke filled room, but throw a cat in a room and that does it for me, constricted airways, and misery for 48 hours.
    But I am saying, his dislikes are militant anti smokers, some said their dislikes are smokers. See? A two way street.......
    Now If I was single, I don't know if I woulda said militant smokers, I might have said PETA fanatics, or Political wannabees/knowitall/loudmouths, This is just a simple ad quiz place, really no reason for debate.
    Heh, but I guess thats just what I did.....
    Oh so sorry......

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    Maria Guest
    Hey, Snow, bfet and I are friends, it's a joke between us!

    I wouldn't talk to him like that if he hadn't given me the freedom to do it, believe should know me by now!

    And what I said is that if someone is close to me, he shouldn't destroy my health or put my life in danger, whatever they do in their own space is their problem,whatever kills me, is my problem. And for that I will fight! But if I see someone smoking, let's say in the beach, I'll install myself far from that person; so I expect the smokers not to come close to me after I'm installed, out of respect. That's what I mean by the air I breathe, the air of the place I am.

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    Well dammit girl let us know!
    I felt so bad him being a newbie, I thought you were just peed off at that, and than I saw him posting so dang nice, I thought he got scared!!
    Good, lol *puffing on cig, not breathing into Marias air!

    I luv ya but ya scared me!!

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    PS dear Maria,
    I smoke outdoors on the deck, my smoke never is in contact of my children or the King.........
    Its how I have to live, just risking my health, and if you were on a beach I would not smoke by you, I don't smoke in public, I am too embarrassed .
    But at a bar if I have drinks, I sneak out
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    Maria Guest
    I understand that smoking is a very hard addiction and I've lost a friend in Luxembourg to emphysema, who smoke until his last day of life, he was constantly carrying his oxygen bottle and everything. My father had two cerebral vascular accidents because of smoking and now is half paralised. I know it's not easy to stop and I don't ask this from anyone.

    But my father was like you, he never smoke close to us, we were four children and three of us had asthma. My father's mother had severe asthma and died of that when she was 53. So I guess he was very conscious of the risks for us, which was good.

    Smokers in Europe are not polite, they don't ask you if they may smoke close to you, the restaurants not always have non-smoking sections and when they do, it's so close to the smoking one that it makes no difference. The law exists but nobody respects it. I rarely go to a disco because of that. There are only two tea houses here where I can go, because they respect the law. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I carry my spray and know I'll go back home smelling cigarettes in my hair, my clothes, even inside my ears.

    Oh, I could whine for hours. I just hate to know that I have to stop going to these places because of the smoking. It's not fair. I wish I lived in a place where the law was more respected...and I know that some activists exaggerate, too, I am not radical.

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    Maria Guest
    Snow, you see how I treat my friends? LOL You're right, half of the talk was made in another thread, so nobody could know, sorry for that!

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    Savannah Guest
    Originally posted by SnowPrincess
    PSS look for my personal ad up here very shortly! LOL
    Things just ain't going well........... to be continued

    You two are THE Match-Made-in-Ageless Couple!

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    Maria Guest
    Snow, I'm sorry to hear that. I hadn't even taken it seriously. I hope everything will be okay.

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    Maria, I am sorry for being a b11tch......
    We are from reverse sides of the worlds, I can't be in clubs smoking here, many ban it, and you can't be in them because they don't.
    We need to go out to a nice quiet field with all our friends in the fresh air, and have a bar amd disco catered in, and the smoking can be done by the riverbank away from the crowd, and we can all clebrate peacefully in fresh air......... There will be alot of breath mints and listorine for the smokers. And we will all be one...... Oppsy we will be in heaven, now I am excited to go there. everyone in peace and harmony and maybe even breaking the smoking habit!
    If I could quit smoking I would do it in a heartbeat.......
    Theres so much I need to do........

    I do love you Maria, maybe I am too much like you, I worry about others...
    Thank God your the moderater and I am not!

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    Maria Guest
    Hey, I needed to be moderated here, it's okay, you can be my alter ego... I sometimes do this in real life, I forget to give the whole picture to people, assuming they have been following me all the's my fault. My mother thinks I'm often lost in some cloud.

    And yes, I know how people try to stop but sometimes can't, especially, most especially those who started to smoke at a very early age. I understand that so well.

    We could change places, I go live near the lake there where you are, and you come live in Luxembourg, business would be good and you could go to any disco or bar or restaurant you wanted!! And so could I!

    Why didn't we think about that before!

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    You know, actually this seems like one of those switching lives shows, so all we need is some kind of a magic thing like earrings or a statue or special grass seeds and POOF, gosh I would be willing to change lives for a week. Wouldn't it be so cool if we really could in real life?
    I get so **** burnt out on this life some times.......
    And I bet King needs some fun
    Seriously..... I am so **** burnt out.......
    But Maria, I should warn you, my son is 20 and he dated an O/W of 25!!
    Oh he would think you were so hot, and King already thinks you are so hot.
    But I love your intellegence and your freedoem, and your body and your clothes....... AND your country, my life is so boring, laid back and frumpy.
    Ok, POOOF.............*Tammy putting on her diso outfit, and ooohhhh how she loves thigh highs..........

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