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Thread: concern about young readers

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    grumpysgirl Guest
    The best suggestion I can come up with is always notify WR or other admin.
    IF they are under 18 you can inform them and they can be blocked from this site by blocking the IP addy

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    Lightbulb Proof of Age

    In this age where almost everything is in a central database (I will share my thoughts on that elsewhere), probably the best way to do a proof of age check is to have the person type in their driver's license number and state/province if they reside in the USA and Canada. I know a few other sites that do this to reduce traffic from underage people.

    I would recommend having the age verification done on a secure server to prevent identity theft as well. We cannot stop who reads the forums, but we will hold fast to our standards on no underage persons registering here.

    To our friends who are from other countries, I know the laws are probably different where you live, but this site is maintained in the USA; USA laws apply here.

    Thanks, John
    John & Stephy - married since November 4, 2003

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    Proof of age verification

    In some states your drivers license number is your SSN. Is it safe to enter an SSN to join a forum?
    Like Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet."

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