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Thread: LGBT people in this forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkunicorn View Post
    I don't really know that a specific GLBT board is needed. I don't see a whole lot of GLBT-specific issues being posted anywhere else on the board.
    Great to see that at least the idea is being entertained! I would suggest however, based on my own reaction to the site that the reason that there aren't more GLBT posts, is because the choices (from a new member perspective) are YM-OW or OM-YW. Neither of which really seem to apply and therefore make me just kinda want to move on.

    I can see how many of the same issues apply, and I would concur that some lines must be drawn, particularly along legal lines. But, not knowing the ancient history of this forum, I am mystified why a GLBT section would meet any resistance.

    Still, as a webmaster myself, I agree that it is the soul prerogative of the forum owners as to how it shall be managed.
    I may start my own to address the absence (on the whole web) but it seems like a better idea, from a global acceptance perspective to become a more united force in the cross-generational social acceptance game.

    Thanks for the consideration. Still a wonderful forum!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandy View Post
    I am mystified why a GLBT section would meet any resistance.
    I don't think that it is resistance against GLBT but about the lack of use it had when we had it. Let's give it a second try, as a sub-forum.

    Whiterose, I agree that some sub-forums could be eliminated, if somebody has someone has something to say about parenting, for example, it could go on chitchat.

    Please do not eliminate the Pets section though... I would feel funny talking about Roxy in a section for humans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SheLikesKitties View Post
    I don't think that it is resistance against GLBT but about the lack of use it had when we had it.
    This is more the case, rather than any resistance due to different viewpoints. We had one a long time ago and it just wasn't used. Just like a few boards on here now that just aren't used, and Angel is looking at eliminating them.

    Newbies in an AGR GLBT relationship, if they choose to post here, may just post anywhere they feel comfortable. If a post is mis-posted, one of us mods will simply move it to the more appropriate thread.
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    Speaking for the members, we had a same sex board and it wasn't used. We've had a few members of the forum who are in GLBT relationships who've posted on other boards and they are welcomed as warmly as all other members.

    I'm actually curious to hear from folks who are in GLBT relationships, as it's my understanding that age-gap relationships are more widely accepted among GLBT folks than in "mainstream" society.

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