I had my present youngest child at age 40. Despite heroic efforts (3 types bc). However I am not typical, my family has children into late ages, but I am example that it CAN happen.

I would suggest, if you are serious, being in tip top shape to make the pregnancy itself easier and avoid gestational diabetes (I had while pregnant with second child at age 33 )
And trying as soon as viably possible because it gives more time to try, find any problems

I have minor complications with blood type and heredity throwing large offspring ( 9+_11_8+ lbs & all 24 in long). Bedrest at last months because cervical pressure of economy size.

As I get older, the demanding 3-5 yr old stage gets more wearying with some children's personality types. I am less patient. In all else I have not had a lot of change.
My youngest is 10 now.
I had an unexpected natural pregnancy 2 years ago with my YM but was not in good condition, quite a bit overweight and had been inactive a while. I became very ill with food poisoning from tainted melons and the cure schedule was hostile to the pregnancy as was the bug.

With my 3rd child in my 40s was EXHAUSTING first 3 months, I was in middle of heavily contested divorce and working. Also I lived in a 3 story house with laundry on basement floor, bedrooms at top.
I am sure if your partner is supportive and present it won't be to bad unless complications arise.