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Thread: Does It Run In Your Family?

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    Savannah Guest


    As far as I know, there is only the daughter and one of the women left alive (whether it is her mother or not, I don't know). We moved away when I was very young, and weren't able to visit very often.
    One of the uncles owned a business, something to do with sound systems/public address (I do remember being very impressed with his stereo!) where he supplied and set up equipment for large events, and I think there was a recording studio as well. His brother did something in radio -- I don't think it was actual broadcasting, but possibly writing copy. Not on the electronic side, unlike his brother! If any of the women ever worked, I never heard about it, and they certainly didn't by the time I knew them. Lucky them -- "kept women"!
    The business owner was quite wealthy, and I'm sure that helped to smooth over the community's acceptance of his lifestyle. The less wealthy have "moral failings", and the rich are merely "eccentric". It certainly didn't have any negative impact on his success. My earliest memories of them are in a very large country house -- that probably kept their living situation fairly private. And it was large enough that they could have pretended that everybody had separate bedrooms had they wanted to.
    My later memories are from the time they had moved into the city (fairly large, about 250,000 people). They all moved into a huge apartment over the business premises -- that's where I remember the sitting room with china cabinets lining the walls, filled with the Royal Doulton ladies. And where I was plied with endless cakes and cookies.
    I know that in the early years I was very curious about how to "label" this arrangement, and my very proper British mother struggled to give me an explanation that would put an end to my questions, without any references to sexual activity! She used to tell me they were all "friends", but with a certain intonation that she uses for polite euphemisms. I definitely pressed the issue of the daughter's paternity, because for me at that time there were only two possible options -- one of my great-uncles -- but apparently not. I don't think my mother ever knew, or inquired about it. After all, this illegitimate child was older than she was, and the mother contemporary with her own mother. And my grandmother died when my mother was in her early teens, otherwise she might have been able to pass on some more details when my mother got older.
    But I never thought there was anything wrong with this arrangement, I just needed to put these people in some sort of perspective. As the only member of my generation, I was cooed and fussed over as all adults fuss over small children, so I only knew them as very loving people who liked to spoil me with treats and presents. They were never shunned or snubbed by the "legal" wives in the family. And, despite the connections with the music industry, and the unconventional lifestyle, there was nothing remotely "bohemian" about them. (Not that they let me see, anyway -- who knows what they did when the relatives departed!)
    By this time, if they were still alive, the great-uncles and the women (and they were always called by their first names) would be in their 80's, and the daughter is in her 60's. I do wonder why she never left, or worked, or married. And no one has ever spoken about their families -- it's as if they didn't have any. Or maybe they were ostracized for their choice?
    And there you have it -- my slightly colourful family!

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    yellowrose's Avatar
    yellowrose is offline Texas Gal
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    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with me.

    There were 2 couples in our church when I was a kid that did a lot of things together. They each had a son about my age (12). In fact one of the sons gave me my first real kiss later on at 14-15. Anyway, like I said the 2 couples went on vacations together and visited each other regularly. One of the families lived right across the street from me and I took piano lessons from her.

    Well, one bright and sunny day, they BOTH got a divorce and promptly married each other's spouse! It was a scandel for awhile but then my piano teacher had the cutest baby girl and she continued to play beautiful music in our Baptist church.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when these discussions were taking place between the four of them!

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    Princessdy Guest

    Nope ...

    I don't know of any other age gap relationships in my family. So, I guess I become, yet once again, the trend-setter .

    I don't mind, it's become a way of life, lol.


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    Polly Guest
    Yellowrose, that's so weird! My best friend's cousin's parents did the same thing (before she was born). It was two couples who were together all the time, and presently, the husbands traded wives! They got divorces and married the other ones. It's like that saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side."

    Her parents conceived of her after they married, so there was no "Who's my daddy?" thing going on. They are still married today, so I guess they made the right choice in the end.

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    Tyger74 Guest

    I voted for me being the first in the family. I rarely know my relatives back home that is into this type of age gap relationship. I can't wait till my next lifetime to have another age gap relationship! It would be so cool!

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