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Thread: What would you do?

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    Cindy Guest

    I'da run him over five times!!

    Cognitively we know it's not us that the cheater is cheating. It's himself of course. But emotionally we rip ourselves a new butt. Much like Polly describes we become emotional bimbos. Been there and done that.

    Rationally of course, it's the cheater who has the problem.

    Still, I would have run him down and rolled over him as many times as I could before I got my senses back.

    What happened to Clara? She was out of her mind. She was not present at that moment. She probably did want to kill him. I would have wanted to kill him. I have wanted to kill someone before and actually planned many ways to do it. Very intricate planning. I later went to a shrink and told of my broken heart. The shrink asked if I planned to kill him. I was so surprised that he could read my mind. "Yes, I do have some plans to kill him". So the shrink asks me why I didn't kill him. Obviously I couldn't come up with a plan that wouldn't get me caught. Good he says. It's ok to want to kill the *******, but you got to know that you will get caught and not be willing to pay the price.

    I think Clara wanted to kill him and she's willing to pay the price now. I don't think it was truly premeditated though. I think she cracked and freaked. Me? Thank God I wasn't there, cause he'd be a pancake; lunatic that I am!


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    Air is offline Senior Member
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    Stockholm, Sweden

    Boritng time in jail

    Perhaps my confused mind donít get every nuance of your writings but you always making me laugh...Anyhow I'm glad you lunatic mind didn't take you so far making pancake of the cheating man...LOL.. Just think of all fuss trying to fix your legal support and in worst scenario all boring visits for friends to se you in jail

    // Anna
    Navigare necesse est!

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    Lorena Guest

    And Air

    I admire your honesty in sharing with us about apart of you that may have been difficult to share......thanks

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    Desert Spring is offline Senior Member
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    "She quit her job so she could have sex with him three times a night"

    Oh c'mon! Is that anything that any single person on here would even consider doing? Seriously?

    Not a normal relationship, not normal people and I'm not surprised it ended badly for everyone concerned.

    That said, no matter how hurt I was by someone's cheating - I would never endanger my own freedom and future.
    No way.

    The best revenge is living happily ever after - with someone else.

    Not rotting in a jail cell for the next 25 years.

    If we subscribe to the "he had it coming" theory - then there's really no end to the cynicism, is there?

    Next we'll be knocking people off who cut us off in traffic. (Well that's happened, too - hasn't it?)

    Emotional pain is emotional pain and it's the price of being alive. You get through it and on to something better.

    You don't sacrifice your or anybody else's life to it.

    Hasn't anybody heard of homicidal daydreams to cheer themselves up?

    What's a fantasy life FOR, if not moments like this?

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    Cindy! LOL

    My ex had an affair on an out of town job, he was there for months coming home on long weekends, I was paying the motel bill without knowing he "shared" the room with his mistress.
    I wanted to drive by and throw one of those M-Cocktail fire thingies(??) into the room and get them both!
    I was seriously thinking it, imagining it!
    The hurt he caused the children was tremendous.

    Now I don't feel like that anymore, infact we get alone pretty civialized.

    But than...............Like I said before thank God my girlfriends prevented me from driving there that night.
    Yes, I can admit it, I wanted to kill him, as bad as it sounds now, at that time I wanted him "goner"!!
    But I have children to take care of so.........he's alive

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    DS says:
    Next we'll be knocking people off who cut us off in traffic. (Well that's happened, too - hasn't it?)

    Nah, just a "I am an idiot" sticker on their forehead will do

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    Jody<3's Avatar
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    Hey y'all I was kind of looking through this thread, and I read what SnowP said about seeing how someone could get mad enough to do something like this...BUT...
    That story was the defendant story, and the story of the daughter that was with her at the time was quite a bit different...such as saying she not only hit him with the car but returned to run over him several times...and saying that she was going to hit him before she did...I don't see any way that this woman will get away with this...and also, I mean, yeah we have all gotten angry and lost our temper, but I think, if the daughter's story is true, the heat of the moment had kind of passed before she ran over him the second and third time. Anyway, here is what the daughter said...

    "I thought the affair was wrong," the teen told jurors, "but I still loved my dad.
    On arriving, Harris and the teen asked hotel clerks if the couple had registered. They were told they had not. Then they walked into the parking lot to search for Bridges' black Lincoln Navigator.
    When they found it, the teenager testified, Clara Harris went wild. She scraped the vehicle with a key, then ripped the windshield wiper from the back window and twisted the front wipers.
    Then the orthodontist and his lover walked from the elevator.
    Clara Harris charged Bridges, ripping her blouse and slapping her, the girl said. Before the melee ended, David Harris had kicked his wife, and his daughter had collapsed on the floor.
    The teen testified that her stepmother almost ran down a hotel employee before spotting her husband, who was standing with Bridges near the Navigator.
    She gunned the motor and hit her husband, then circled through the parking lot to run over him twice more, Lindsey Harris said.
    "I was really upset and was screaming, `You're killing him!' " the teen told jurors. "I could tell the difference of the bump when we went over a big cement curb and when we went over my dad."
    When the car stopped, she said, Clara Harris kneeled over her dying husband, wailing, "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! It was an accident! Are you OK?"
    "It wasn't an accident," Lindsey Harris said. "She knew what she did." She said, `I'm going to hit him,' " Lindsey Harris testified. "She said it like that's what was going to happen. I screamed, `No!' lots of times. But she stomped on the accelerator and went straight for him."

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    datura81 Guest
    How will we ever know if all that drivel about the breast implants and liposuction is true? The other side of the story is DEAD. Obviously both of these people had some "issues," because any married couple that would sit down and make lists comparing the mistress and wife is NOT all there. One sick ***** deserves another. And another. That doesn't justify murder; these kinds of situations are precisely what laws are for. I don't think murder laws were written because people were afraid you might off a stranger while you were in a good mood. Just because somebody makes you feel bad doesn't give you the right to put them on a permanent time out. And thank God, because I know I would have been a casualty of more than one ex by now (not from cheating either.) While the adultery was not a smooth move, I can't say I blame the man for wanting out of a relationship with a woman capable of this. If you don't know what the hell's going on, you're just so distraught, how do you aim your car, drive over someone, put it in reverse, and do it not once but TWICE? I ain't buying what you're selling. Lock her up.

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    Lorena Guest


    How awful for the daughter....couldn't she grap the stirring wheel from the stepmother to sway her from hitting her dad? Or hit her and knock her out and then get a hold of the stirring wheel, there must of been away. But we never know how we are going to react in a time like that. And yes there are a story behind all the persons involved, lets hope that the truth really comes out and the consequense is rightfully done.

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    SnowPrincess Guest
    Lorena says:
    How awful for the daughter....couldn't she grap the stirring wheel from the stepmother to sway her from hitting her dad? Or hit her and knock her out and then get a hold of the stirring wheel, there must of been away.

    I know! I thought of that one, the daughter was 17.
    I was also wondering where the mistress was at this time, at least a run over of her foot would have been appropriate J/K

    I have been watching this on the news, it is interesting thats for sure.

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    Moonshadow Guest
    Well the sentence is in. 20 years for Ms. Harris, with the earliest possibility of parole a long ten years away. You know who the real losers are? (apart from the husband's teenage daughter who was a passenger in the murder weapon) ... her 4-year-old twins. Now they will grow up essentially without a father OR a mother. I imagine that will be her greatest punishment of all.

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    SherwoodSpirit Guest

    It might be the best thing for the kids.

    Imagine how screwed up they'd be as adults after growing up with the kind of behavior their parents were modelling for them. Sadly, I think they may be better off now.


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