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Thread: who do you look like?

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    sunlover02 Guest

    A "cross-between......"

    Darn it - everyone here looks like someone! I only always get "oh you look like a and so.."

    The most common cross-between I hear that I look like is Sally Fields and Susan Lucci - I wish I looked like just one person!

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    Jayne Guest

    this is great

    I still am amazed at how many of you look like famous people. I guess the saying "we all have a twin somewhere" is true. I also get told that I look like my sister a lot. When I first moved back to "Mayberry" here everyone was trying to figure out who I was and that was fun making them think "my sister" was up to something......but that is another story.

    Keep the comments coming.

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    louis Guest
    Hi All,

    Some people have mentioned that I look like Prince Cahrles and or Steve McQueen. I originally thought they were kidding (my friends) but then a few strangers on the street stopped to say I had a strong resemblence to one or the other. I didn't see it at first but if several starngers (ie unrelated) people say it's so, I guess it is.

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    Hookah_Dude Guest
    i guess when i take my glasses off and i dont have my hair tied back i look like jesus

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