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Thread: Valentines?

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    GreeneyedWoman Guest

    What a great idea! 365 reasons why I love him. I think I will do that for his birthday. I have almost a month.

    Love the steak and bj day too.

    Lots of great ideas.......

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    Felix Guest
    >>the thing you've got goin' for you is time...sounds like you have a few extra days to sit down and think.<<

    This is true <cogs turning as we speak>. You have some great ideas. Hmmm... Guess I'll hit on something... I suppose since I'm a student I should write him an essay on "Why I Love You", but he'd probably send it back with queries and grammar checks ;-)

    Have a better one!


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    wildchild Guest
    Me and My boyfriend are going have on a hotel.

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    HappilyMarried Guest
    Well, I have an exam tomorrow, and also I have cold sores, so there isnt going to be any valentines day at our house! Why does it always have to be like that!!!??? Why do things have to mess up when we have planned on something!!!

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