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Thread: Time flies! What has changed since you first came to AL?

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    Update : end August 2013...
    We are engaged. I am pregnant (blood serum 53 at 4+ weeks(id call it 3). We are getting married next Summer upon his return if not sooner(he wants to be here earlier if I make it to 12 weeks...have some non age related complications).

    We are an epic match... no two people could ever be better suited..
    I of course sometimes wish I could drop 10 years and give them to him ^_^ even 5. But meh... it is less important each year we are together

    UPDATE EDIT Jan2014: Sadly lost the pregnancy in late October due to complications caused by severe food poisoning. Everything is still going well between is as people, as friends, as lovers.
    And the plan is still set that I import him though an alternate is coming.... His parents have offered him his own business, an accounting firm and its modest clientele list off a retiring associate. In that case after 6 months he'd get a home, have me come there, marry me off the plane and start life in Poland instead. It would be 8 month delay of our original plan while he finds house and I get my legal here tied up (the delay is mostly my side) . I am 30 pounds lighter, my hair is 4 inches longer. I broke a front tooth and had to have it repaired after panic (he said he would love me anyway ^_^ ). No big changes otherwise... we are not very exciting people other than our being social misfits as a AGR

    UPDATE: A year and a couple weeks passed since original post- Not posting much. Nothing going on that is very exciting at present . He is doing modest coding and IT work for Uncles company to start ponying money. I f it leads to lucrative employment he imports me. I am likely to import first. Within 6 months of home territory I will have made enough to ship him , marry him and change status. We still have a comfortable and passionate relationship, still muy sympatico. The LDR brings annoying problems. Everything is pretty good. Though I did pick up 20 extra pounds while hiding from the abominable humidity that is hitting the south this year (It causes problems with my asthma). But back home my expensive Lifetime membership to LA Fitness is still good (Contest Prize). and boy wil I use it!(Sept 20)

    UPDATE: December 27 2014
    Things are looking up. The process of preparing for one of us to go live with the other is long and tedious for LDR. Plan for a "valentine" meeting maybe in March or April. Still very compatible. I still wonder where the "fatal flaw" is >_<. heh has finished his Bachelor's. Is working in unrelated field of IT server maintenance for many business in the region. So we get less quality time to spend together via video. We miss each other, still best friends, still look forward to married life. Next visit I will try to wheedle more pics out of my camera shy fella. I am so comfortable with my life now. So far so good?
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