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Thread: A question for the OW.

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    Interesting thread.

    Im going to be 50 in May. Most people that meet me thing Im in my early 30s. My husband will be 30 a the end of April.

    I was out working in the yard the other day. The realestate lady pulled in next door, and we chatted over the fence. We discussed how much work getting this place back into shape was going to be. She was probably a bit younger than me. She said "You're young, I could never do something like that again". So I guess young is relative to what youre doing!

    Ive never let age play a role in my life. I dont let age hold me back or change the way I think about something.

    When I turned 40, I bought a red Jeep Wrangler (Id always wanted one!). I proceeded to get involved with offroading and camping, it was very different then what my previous husband liked. To him, roughing it was bad room service. I finally found myself! I spent 20 plus years living my life for someone else.

    Looking back at growing up though, I dont think I ever really fit in with any particular group. I didnt have a close group of friends in school. I was always the odd one out. Im not sure if that was a issue of being insecure or not. Ive always had self esteem issues.

    My husband, his friends, and family accept me for who I am, not my age. Its been great to fit into both sides
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    I must say, I am what I am. Some people like me, others do not. Needless to say, I gravitate towards the people who accept and appreciate me for who I am and for what I represent, which for now, is happiness and confidence.
    I don't waste my time anymore trying to get someone to like me by changing myself into the person I believe they want me to be.
    It took me a long time, but I have finally become comfortable with me just the way I am. And by portraying that confidence I have met a whole new batch of people that make me laugh and help me enjoy life much more. I, too, am friends with people, both male and female, from all age groups.
    Life is too short to worry about making the 'right' impression or behaving in a way some people think a 50 year old woman should behave. You should do and be whatever you are comfortable with and whatever makes you happy.
    I am way past becoming embarrassed and my family is way past expecting the 'norm' from me! If I acted 'normal' I don't think they would recognize me!
    Embrace life! No matter what your age. Be with people that make you smile.
    I firmly believe it is never too late to experience things that you have always wanted to experience. Whether it's buying that little red sports car, or dating a man 20 years or more younger than you! If that's what you want, then, by god, go for it!!!!
    "We must become the change we want to see."
    Mahatma Gandhi

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    I've been a freak all my life and realised it by the age of 5. It was unfortunate that I was a round peg raised by squares, but I learned a lot about loyalty, honesty and staying true to your values within that environment.

    My parents were the kind who were committed beyond death, and I can't imagine ever finding that sort of devotion and true love in this attention deficit disordered world.

    I don't fit into any social category. I can't do small talk, celebrity gossip, " my husband did, my kids did" conversation marathons with the other females, and don't really give a **** about what was on tv last night.

    I can't pretend I have a vague interest in football or whatever sport du jour with the boys. I love cars for their style and fashion that has mileage. I'm not in love with shopping and will never be a fashion victim unless you whack me on the head with a ton of Vogue mags. I'm not consensual though I'm ultra sensual.

    I hate gossip and am very private, which means I am usually the target of mean spirited, small minded people who try to dig some dirt about people they can't understand.

    The only people I feel comfortable with almost instantly are gay men,bohemians, artists, children before they are Disneyed and socialised to death, and in general people who make choices outside the norm.

    My group of friends used to range from 16 to 70.

    I dating YM most of my life. In fact, my "boyfriend" when I was in secondary school was 9 and I was 10 and it attracted a lot of snide remarks.

    I had a vague interest in OM when I was in high school, mostly a big crush on PaulMc Cartney!!! I don't think I value experience in a man, as much as most women do. I don't need someone who already had a life. I always think like I'm starting something or just at the beginning. Sometimes I have to catch a glimpse in the mirror and shout at myself: girl you're not young anymore. Though my spirit doesn't quite understand.
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