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Thread: Weirdest age gap comment ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by truckman View Post
    Clerk: "Is he cute? May I have his phone number?"
    Ah yes, of course *that's* what she must have been thinking. Because he had such an attractive mother.
    "Leave the gun...take the cannoli."

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    Some people just do not know when to keep their comments to themselves. Don't let it get to you.

    I was shopping with my ym and his friend one day and I stepped away to look at something. I glanced over and saw one of the sales girls speaking to my ym. His friend was near him at the time, then he walked over to me and I asked him what they were talking about and he told me she was asking my ym who I was. I asked him how my
    ym answered and he said he told her " that's my girl, she's my baby...why? do u have a problem with that?" The girl looked at him surprised and then she said "oh no i was just wondering. Then he called me over "babe can u come over here please?" I walked over to him and he put his arm around me, pulled me close and smiled at her.
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    Hmm is this not the easiest answer in the whole world? "No, they're not for my son, they're for me. I'd like a big shirt to sleep in." Life doesn't need to be a TV show, where you think of a snappy comment and walk off.



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