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Thread: Bored with your tattoos?

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    I have five tattoos. My husband has three. I want one more that I plan to have done in the next year or two.

    All of our tattoos, except one I did myself at 17, have a deep meaning. When I look at them I'm reminded of why we chose them and it comforts me. Even the one that I did at 17 isn't regretted as it fits my personality and reminds me of what I survived. With that type of emotional connection, no, I could never bore of our tattoos as they represent something we both cherish(ed).

    Neither of us did them to fit in or stand out. We don't care if folks approve or disapprove or even understand. We are careful of where we place our tattoos so that they can be easily hidden but tattoos are a very personal choice and those who get it understand exactly what I wrote and those who don't get it will never understand, and that's okay too.
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    Ha, I'm bored with most of my tattoos. A tribal sun (I know, I know) on my leg and a sparrow on my upper back are things that I'm not wild about. But I don't notice them most of the time and neither does my man

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    I met a really cute girl the other year and she had this seriously ugly tattoo of a mutated face on her thigh. A rather large tattoo as well. I just think they look awful and even worse when under silk stockings and lacy bras. I am not sure what makes them get tattoos as they are hardly rebellious anymore. But I do wonder if they will regret them in the future. Tattoo removal could be a good industry to invest in.

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