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Thread: 5 things thread: a game!

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    scott2075 Guest
    I haven't read much of any novels. I remember liking the book "How to kill a mockingbird" in school. The rest, hmmm....I'll have to dig back in my files.....
    I read the bible often too, Lily.

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    PinkPanther_04 Guest
    What are your five favorite websites? Besides this one, of course.

    1. Boing Boing: A directory of wonderful things
    A blog about nearly everything. It focuses on art and innovation, DIY stuff, copyright issues, and privacy, but also covers science, technology, politics, civil liberties, and all sorts of weird, wild stuff.

    2. Pharyngula: Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal

    The subtitle pretty well says it. PZ rules.

    3. Pandora: radio from the Music Genome Project

    A sort of internet radio station where you create your own stations around artists or albums you like and it plays other songs that sound like that artist. You further tweak the playlist by voting on the songs it plays. It's a great way to discover new artists you may never hear otherwise.

    4. My Yahoo

    My homepage, which has one of my email accounts, weather, yellow pages, news (mostly science news from the wire services), and other assorted stuff all together. I'm probably going to switch to iGoogle as soon as I get used to it though, since I use a fair number of their products.

    5. Daily Kos: State of the nation

    I read Think Progress and Crooks and Liars regularly as well, but I like dKos best. I used to have a problem with its format (just seemed too busy visually for me to read it much), but I seem to have gotten over that.

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    Starrypup Guest
    Can't do songs, it's too limiting. How about if I do favorite artists/albums of 2007.

    Cloud Cult: The meaning of 8
    Midlake: Van Occupanther
    Spoon: GaGaGaGaGa
    Band of Horses: Ceased to begin
    New Pornographers: Twin Cinema

    Points to anyone who is familiar with my favorite bands

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