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Thread: Classic Rock - Share Your Favorite Songs With Us

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    scott2075 Guest
    "Wheel in the sky"

    "waiting for a girl like you"
    (The video is freakin' weird)

    Mr Mister
    "Take these broken wings"

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    "Dust in the Wind" ~~Kansas

    Love this one!! My sister and I used to sing this together. She still has a band and plays a gig every now and then.

    My father was a musician and when I was young my favourite memories are getting to go to some of the clubs to hear him play or having jam sessions at our house with the band...and parties with him pulling out his guitar. He is not able to play anymore because of his health. But those are my fav memories...always music in our house.

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    Grand Funk Railroad~~"Closer to Home"

    "Inside Looking Out"

    OMG!! I was in love with Mark Farner...shirtless with that gorgeous long silky hair!! Oh Yeah!

    Bachman Turner Overdrive~~ "Takin Care of Business"

    Allman Brothers Band ~~"Midnight Rider"

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest

    Yeah I'm on a roll!!

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    tinydancer Guest
    Cannot believe no-one, unless I missed it, has mentioned Pink Floyd, The Who, the Guess Who, Bad Company, etc....
    Classic Rock people!!!!
    BTW, Guin...have you heard Sarah Brightman's version of Dust in the Wind?
    It is beautiful!

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    tinydancer Guest
    Bad Company...great minds etc...

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tinydancer View Post
    Bad Company...great minds etc...
    I was posting that one when you mentioned it!! LOL...And yeah...I'm getting to The Who, Guess Who, Peter Frampton, Pink Floyd...all of those...I thought for sure someone would have already posted can see the music I listened to!! LOL

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    "Baby I Love your Way" ~~ Peter Frampton

    "American Woman"~~ Guess Who

    "My Generation" ~~ The Who

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    Geo55 Guest
    S-2075 I'm a big Journey fan, the Guess Who too.

    Here's a Crosby Stills & Nash song from Woodstock, written by Crosby who was smitten with Judy Collins at the time.

    Suite Judy Blue Eyes

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    tinydancer Guest
    Yup, not that I don't like some of the songs mentioned, b/c I do, just that "back in the day" most listed were considered A.M. bubble gum LOL
    I was a Keith Moon freak lol.
    Oh and definitely loved Ten Years After, Proco Harem, Ted Nugent (before I knew about his hunting practices), Alice Cooper, The Kinks, Janice many!
    The last really great band that I loved was Queens getting old
    Oh no, wait, I do like Nickleback.....but really, I am totally stuck in the Vietnam Era

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    tinydancer Guest
    Ah, now were talkin' blues....Arlo Guthrie
    He's my man!
    I got to meet him too

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    TD...I saw Ted Nugent in concert...must have been 1978 or 1979...

    Love Arlo!! Hell yeah!! I loved Black Sabbath...Jethro Tull...Seals and Croft...I had so many albums!! Eagles...were most likely my favs of that time...but like you...I think I am stuck in the vietnam era too with my music...

    Hasan bought me a janice cd last year for Christmas...woohoo!! she was amazing huh!!!

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    tinydancer Guest
    Hey is Arlo and me a few years your heart out
    Oh I love the many memories!

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    TD...that is just not fair!!

    Alice's Restaurant...what memories I have associated with that one...

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