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Thread: I am heartbroken

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    Lily42 Guest
    Nice to hear so many of you all are working in the human services field, I think helping people is the greatest gift in the world.. being abused is horrible, and many can not help the situation they are in, it is amazing when you hit the bottom the things that run through even the most pure minds... No one is above theft, murder, drug dependence, prostitution, or assault--- it is just how hungry are they, or hurting, or broken, or just needing some warmth for the night...
    I give thanks to God for protecting me, and taking care of me, when I had certainly lost hope, and much self worth..
    You all are lights in a very dark world for many--- be proud of who you are, and what you do each day, you give hope, and warmth, and a chance for someone to pick themselves up and keep going--you are some of the heros in our broken world.

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    Geo55 Guest
    I was a battered child. So was Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. You've probably
    never listened to the lyrics of In My Room from that perspective before. Please
    listen to them now. Its a very short song.

    I want to dedicate this Moody Blues song, Eyes of a Child to my grandson, Tristen.

    Thank you all for caring and doing what you can to help the children.

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