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Thread: Parents that defend their kids no matter what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul View Post
    I agree with you MM, close friends and family are too biased. I was about to say, Thankfully we have Judges and Jury systems to eliminate that, but as you've proven with your own case and your FIL, they aren't the best decision makers either . I should re - phrase what I said actually, to be a little clearer. I would be a bunny boiler *if* the intent to was to harm, if it was an accident, genuine one that is, of course I'd be very upset, but I would understand, I certainly wouldn't be petitioning for the longest sentence possible or d/p.

    With this topic in mind and reference to your situation with your dad that you mention. By looking at peoples answers here in this thread, your grandmothers reaction isn't a total surprise. It's within my grasp of concept to see why she did that, even if it was ill founded and obviously hurtful towards you. What makes your situation I feel more unusual is your mother pleading for leniency too. That in itself is going against what were actually talking about in this thread. The bond between a child and parent is usually a lot stronger than that of spouse. On face value sounds like both were in denial. Either way kudos to you for managing thus far, I can't imagine how shyt it must be to have that as a constant reminder in the form of a family member. At least with the rest of us who are hiding some skeletons, they can be just that, skeletons hidden away.

    @ Those who think pedos and rapists should be executed. I don't personally don't agree with the death penalty, but that's another debate, den anyone ?
    I personally don't believe in the death penalty either, Soul. And I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who lost the love of her life (my daughter's father), when he was
    shot to death, in 1991, in the convenience store that he owned. The young man who killed him was sentenced to 25 years to life and will be eligible for parole in two years.
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    If I found myself in a situation where my child had committed a criminal or reckless act that maimed or killed someone else, based on who I am as a person and the way I've parented in the past, I think I'd have to hear the evidence before I would decide whether to plead for leniency for my child.

    I didn't automatically side with the teachers or those in authority; I waited until I heard both sides of the story to make up my mind. There were times when I needed the other adults involved to be more severe with my child, because their indulgence was spoiling him rotten. Other times, the person in authority was misrepresenting the situation and/or abusing his or her authority, and I needed to intervene on my son's behalf.

    As a parent, I think one of the hardest parts of being a parent is knowing that in some instances, you can't intervene to prevent the consequences of your child's action or inaction. I'd love my child no matter what, but if I knew in my heart that he deserved what he had coming, I'd probably tell him to take it with grace.

    I have mixed emotions about incarceration and the death penalty.

    People need to face the consequences of their actions. Sometimes, those actions are such that the consequences include never again living in the free world.

    As a society, we cannot afford to indefinitely provide food, shelter, medical and dental care to the prison population. The more the prison population grows, the more we refuse to implement, either publicly or privately, the interventions that would reduce the prison population, such as: living wage; better supports for single parents; early childhood education; K-12 education;and access to affordable, adequate medical and dental care.

    Prison doesn't do a good job of rehabilitating criminals. It never has, and likely never will. When people are released from incarceration, more often than not, they're dumped on a corner with nothing...not much different than dumping a dog in the country.

    Innumerable studies have shown that we prosecute and incarcerate people of color, people in poverty, and people who are mentally ill or developmentally disabled more frequently and more severely than their able-minded, wealthy white counterparts.

    If we're going to have the death sentence, we should carry it out. It's inhumane to continually threaten to kill someone. In most cases, that's pretty much what handing down a death sentence amounts to, because it's unlikely the sentence will be carried out.

    Unless we're going to do something to improve equity within the justice system, we probably shouldn't have the death sentence.

    IDK if there's an answer, much less a right answer.

    Retroactive birth control.

    OTOH, Hitler wasn't born a fooking lunatic. He was made. If he'd had a decent, healthy childhood instead of violent abuse, perhaps he would have been better equipped to be a man who made good choices instead of becoming a monster. In the end, though, he chose monster over man, and the rest is between him and God.

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    "Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it." ~ Marianne Williamson

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    Even if you don't support the DP, surely (assuming they are proven guilty without any reasonable doubt) at the least pedos/rapists should get life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    When it comes to pedos, how can you rehabilitate someone who finds children sexually attractive? Or with rapists, well...You rape once just like with pedos chance of raping again is VERY high. Far as I'm concerned it's not worth the risk they may re-offend and if even just one child/woman is safe from the person it's worth it. I'm sure most here are aware of those high school boys awhile back that got that girl drunk, DRAGGED HER and they all raped her! Stories like that just make my anger meter go to 100! When I first heard about that all I could think of is how much I wish I could just go in there with an M16 and mow those ******* down!

    And don't say men don't know not to rape. EVERY man knows rape is wrong. They just DO. NOT. CARE. As such, having shown they are completely void of morals/values/decency of any kind, they to should at least be put away for life.

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    If you guys do not mind, I will move this whole thread to the Den...
    Or should someone just make a separate thread about death penalty?
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    when I was a kid and I did some wrong both my mom and dad would go to bat for me with the person that complained about me.
    they would tell that person that I would not do it again.
    When I got home Mom and Dad explained to me what I did was wrong.
    After those talks I found the it was hard to sit for a while after.
    and those talks got there point a crossed.
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