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Thread: Anyone enjoy clothes shopping?

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    mskitty Guest that color on you .. not sure if the smile is becos of the clothes or that your gf picked them out for you.. .looking good kid

    Quote Originally Posted by gorillagirl View Post
    i've window shopped in Saks 5th, Nordstroms, etc.. just to gawk at the rich shoppers but i would never buy there, even if I had the money. To me, that "clothes make the man" idea is utter nonsense. i mean, a $35.00 shirt from Sears, JCP, Macy's, Kohl's is fine. Nobody needs a $375.00 shirt from Saks. Saks is for people who have too much money. I will easily pay $120.00 for a pair of decent vegan shoes though. My (deceased) roommate was a purse collector. The woman had hand bags that cost more than her monthly rent. I use backpacks. $35.00 and they last a lifetime (Jansport will replace them with a lifetime guarantee) and they are better for your back because weight is distributed evenly and not just on one arm/shoulder. When it comes to shopping, I'm not cheap. I'm just practical. I only buy what is going to hold up a long time. Right now, since I work in a spa, I only need yoga clothes for work. I wear flip flops or go barefoot on the job. My last "work clothes" purchase was 4 pairs of yoga pants (black) and 8 pair of yoga shirts, a bathing suit cover up, and 2 pairs of shorts.
    YEARS ago I used to shop at Nordstrom's Sakowitz Back street and Saks... but not anymore... too expensive for me and I am not in that frame of mind anymore. still love my bags... but went to b.Makowsky and can get them reasonable on Ebay .but I too have become more practicable and buy the black yoga pants and tshirts... seems like that is all I wear ...of course with a nice

    and. but speaking of Jansport.....ohhh dear... had the biggest crush on one of the founders when I lived in WA... lol...i still see the ad where he is kissing a lama on the mountain top..he lived just down the street from me in Mukilteo WA..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azureth View Post
    Thanks for all the compliments! My gf really knows what she's doing!

    BTW, degausser and TOP strike me as the type who love to clothes shop and certainly would not turn down a chance at a shopping spree lol. Though neither would my gf lol.

    Anyone here shopped at Sak's Fifth Avenue?
    Haha I actually hate clothes shopping. I love having new clothes and shoes, but the actual shopping part is awful. The stores are always uncomfortably hot and trying on things is such a pain. I've walked out empty handed so many times because I pick out things and then can't stand the thought of trying them on, possibly going back for different sizes, standing in line to pay, ugh. I spend a lot of time browsing online, but rarely buy anything because there's too much thought involved (no impulse buys). Now, a shopping spree? Something that I didn't have to pay for? I would suffer through it for that

    I've browsed at Sak's. Always entertaining. I can't comprehend spending money like that on clothes, even if I had it.

    Very nice outfit Az. That's a very versatile look - you can get a lot of use out of that.

    And AmandaAlice, I miss Fashion Bug too! At one point like 90% of my wardrobe was from there haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukfireball View Post
    I'm not fussy about where I buy clothes, I use Target and Kohls as they are the closest, and as it's so hot here, I wear shorts and t-shirt most of the year round.

    i do like buying decent shoes as I go walking with my Dog everyday, i like REI as they sell good active outdoor shoes, or if I liked the pair I just wore out, I can usually find them on Zappos.
    I used to live in Phoenix and it's so hot there in the summer. I think it's gotten even hotter since I've lived there. But, it's wonderful in the winter. If I was a rich woman, I'd live in New England
    in the summer and Arizona in the winter.
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    I love Kohls! They have a lot of cute tops there, but I don't like getting my jeans there. I figure if the waistline rubs on my c-section scar, they are too **** low! LOL

    Az, your gf picked out a great look for you. You look great! I think it's cute how you said you enjoyed it because you got to spend time with her.
    Never try to fit in when you are meant to stand out.

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    I guess I'm one of the few that LOVE to go shopping. I honestly love it. I am not to crazy about trying things on, I kinda find it to be annoying and I know that in the store things sometimes look or fit differently then when I bring them home.

    I enjoy going alone or with friends. All seasons doesn't matter. I love going to the city and shopping and a good friend of mine works at Intermix (a high end boutique) and we get to go to fashion week in NYC. I love seeing the fall lines. Every season brings a different favorite of mine, the only thing I LOVE about winter is buying boots. I have so many pair and wear them with skirts, jeans, dress up dress down. I love leather jackets, I love jeans and shoes. My guy hates when I go shopping because he knows the closets are over flowing with clothes. Not to mention due to my OCD everything is in color order and matched by season, plus work and out of work, dressy and casual, I can honestly spend an entire day in my closets organizing.

    Because of all the clothes I do have and the fact that my guy can't stand it he does make me go through things a few times a year and get rid of a lot of stuff. So we give it to Brothers and Sisters.

    I also love to dress my guy. He will never admit it but I know he likes it too and I have made him very aware of what goes, what's in style and what not.
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    Azureth, you look great in the new clothes. Your gf has done a super job. Wonderful that she helped you.

    I am shocked to see that so many people say that they do not like shopping for clothes. I love it (whether it is for me or as company of someone else). I hope I do not get expelled from ageless for this confession LOL.
    This summer I dared to enter a Gudrun SjÚden store for the first time in my life. They had sale, and they have lots of all natural and even organic fabric. The shop manager was even willing to put a number of items for me on the side for 2 weeks although this brand sells well and they were going to start there super sale by then (she knew that, I did not). So when I picked up the clothes, which were already reduced, I got the deal "take 3, pay for 2". Needless to say I did not restrict myself to these numbers. The good thing is that the clothes practically can be worn all year around - in winter underneath a pullover - because the style goes žn layers.
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    that's a really nice pinky-purple shirt-love the color!

    I like to shop but my 'boobs' are large relative to the rest of me-American clothing companies don't make things that fit my shape-
    So, I like on-line shopping and have found two stores who have made it possible for me to wear a shirt/blouse without it looking like a tent.
    Pepperberry (in the UK)-it costs about $13 to ship to the states (not bad)
    Biubui (in Poland)-costs about double that
    AND, it takes a while to get your stuff and color choice are fairly limited
    BUT, better to have something that fits.

    If you are shaped like I am-you might want to give them a try
    ambers garden-planted in memory of my cat Amber 1989-2006

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