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Thread: What kind of car do you drive and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by truckman View Post
    We have Kia's everywhere here in the US

    Once in a while someone is so sick of a car they just want to get rid of it.


    For everyone's entertainment, here is my full car list:

    1966 GTO convertible.
    1969 Ford XL Convertible.
    1970 Dodge Challenger.
    1990 BMW 750il V12
    1981 Plymouth Reliant 2-door
    1988 Plymouth Reliant 4-door (added turbocharger)
    1959 Thunderbird (removable hardtop)
    1978 Ford Bronco
    1979 Ford Bronco
    1981 Plymouth Horizon 4-door (added turbo)
    1989 Corvette
    1967 Lincoln Continental hardtop (suicide doors)
    1988 BMW 325i (I wrecked the above corvette in the rain so I bought this car with a dead engine for $400 and shoved the 'vette engine and trans into this car with a shoehorn)
    1970 Dodge D200 Extended Cab Pickup (swapped out puny 318 for 400 cid twin-turbo stroker)
    1990 Ford Explorer 4-door
    1981 F350 Crewcab Dually converted to SRW (then lifted with 48" tires, then painted with zebra stripes)
    1993 F350 Crewcab SRW
    1989 Pontiac Fiero which I assembled a kit-car upon (Lambo)
    1993 Lincoln Continental (converted to stick, added a supercharger)
    1993 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (used mostly as a daily driver and a EFI code test bed)
    1999 Crown Victoria (white, bone stock)
    1999 Crown Victoria (maroon, converted to V10/stick w/turbochargers)
    2004 Buick Century - sits, waits for new engine)
    1995 Buick Regal (current daily driver/knock around car)

    One I have in storage:
    1970 Fairlane Station Wagon, waiting for me to have the time to finish the 500cid twin-turbo stroker I started.

    And here are some of the fun projects I've helped friends with:
    1987 Buick Grand National - Stage II, massive turbo.
    1999 Corvette - Twin Turbo LS1
    1996 Ford Explorer which we shoved a Ford 460 in. Yes, it fit. No, it wasn't easy.

    Hmmm, I'm missing one.
    The first car I owned was a '66 Chevy Impala. It was 5 years old when I bought it in 1971. I still didn't have my drivers license. lol!

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    Truckman you are the KING of cars...

    Must be the name Truckman huh? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by theREALTrish View Post
    Maybe it's that American made cars like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are not sold overseas.
    Some Detroit/Canadian stuff makes it over to Europe. Ford, Chrysler and GM have plants overseas and make stuff there. Have for decades. There's practically no vehicles made today (from anyone) that isn't sourced from world-wide suppliers. They share parts, designs, wear flags of every kind.

    Ford owns a big part of Mazda. They owned Rover, Jaguar, Volvo for a while. They still have shares in those companies and share ideas and parts. The bottom of the line Jaguar for many years had a Ford Taurus underneath the pretty lines. GM/Isuzu has been whoring parts to each other for decades. Remember the Chevy Nova in the 80's? The tiny little Nova? That was a Toyota. Chrysler did the same. Many of their engines are Japanese. That's what saved them in the early 80's. Lower cost, higher reliability engines.

    Another example, the Cadillac CTS, which in most people's eyes is an American car - Caddy - except it's not. Caddy designed the lines - fenders, lighting, interior but the unibody and suspension are *Opel* and that's why that particular car handles so much better than the rest of Caddy's line up - it's an American powered, European car.

    Even though Ford had a long-time relationship with Rover, the all-aluminum Rover V8 produced from the late 60's all the way through '99 I think was based on early 60's GM tooling, when GM was experimenting with all-aluminum castings (block and heads) and they couldn't get it right so they sold all the manufacturing machinery for that engine to Rover. And magically, the Brits did something truly amazing with it - they made an incredibly reliable V8 engine that two people could carry with all the pumps and dohickeys attached - it weighed that little - 216 lbs fully dressed.

    At this point, almost all of the GM parts are interchangeable. Doing so costs GM less. A wheel bearing is a wheel bearing is a wheel bearing. Ford and Dodge wheel bearings on their pickups are compatible for certain years.

    Parts are parts I keep telling my hot-rod buddies but most of them are purists. What? Put a 'vette engine in a BMW are you crazy? No, not that crazy but enjoy the view of my taillights
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    Quote Originally Posted by theREALTrish View Post
    Maybe it's that American made cars like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are not sold overseas.
    They are - there are lots of Ford and Vauxhall (aka General Motors) cars and vans in the UK, and a few Chrysler cars.
    Two of the three cars I've owned were Ford Escort Mk2 estates: the other was a FSO 125.

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    We drive two manual Kia Souls and both were considered new at the time of purchase. Alex, also, drives a 50cc scooter in the summer because it gets 50+ miles to the gallon.

    We bought the first one after our car of seven years kept breaking down. We opted for our Kia because it had good gas mileage, was within our limited budget, would fit our family, and it came with an extended warranty. One year later the same dealer had another Kia Soul for 1/2 off if we opted not to have them repair some minor hail damage. A couple dents didn't bother us and we weren't passing up a chance to buy a new car with 16 miles on it for under $ 9,000.
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    I drive a 2007 Subaru Forester w/automatic transmission because its use was given to me. After it was "totaled" due to hail damage, my parents took the insurance check and the car to the local dealership...who valued it at $0 as a trade in on a new Outback.

    Prior to that, I drove a 1992 Subaru Legacy wagon w/manual transmission purchased new in 1992 with 6 miles on it. One can be seen here: 1992 Subaru Legacy wagon. #5 is the same color as the one I had. Although Subaru is a Japanese make, mine was built in an American plant.

    I loved that car, and drove it until March 2009...when I was struck in the rear passenger door/wheel by a newly licensed driver while I was making a left hand turn. The car was totaled. I traded the seats for towing & storage, sold the engine for $500 and used the $500 to buy a 1985 Toyota Corolla w/failing automatic transmission off craigslist. I drove that for about a year, until the use of the Forester was given to me. I then sold the Toyota for what I paid for it, and it was on the road for another 6+ months until the transmission finally gave up the ghost. It would have been worth it to replace the transmission.

    I prefer manual to automatic transmission.

    Subaru and Toyota are notoriously reliable.

    When I was a child, my parents drove Fords. My dad had a 1966 Ford 4x4 pickup with short box & standard transmission w/ floor shifter. Here's a link to a 1966 Ford pickup with a long box, that's been repainted in the same factory colors as Dad's.

    We had a 1966 Falcon XP or Futura that was marine blue w/a white top. Here's a left-hand drive version: 1966 Ford Falcon. My dad had it repainted a metallic brown (even at age 8 I wondered why) and then traded it in on a vinyl top '76 Granada. I wish I had the Falcon.

    Ours was a sedan, but in the same colors as this coupe 1976 Ford Granada coupe. The Granada had an automatic transmission with a column ring shifter. When I was 17 the shifter broke while I was driving, and I got in so much trouble for it. Turned out there'd been a factory recall on the ring, which my dad couldn't be bothered to follow up on. Do you think he apologized? No.

    They traded the Granada in on their first Subaru after I left home.

    I learned to drive, beginning at age 12, in the '66, the Granada, and a 1950's-era Chevy grain truck that looked a lot like this: 1950 Chevy Farm Truck. It had all kinds of "extras": dimmer switch on the floor, floor starter, dump bed, choke, a floor shifter with hi/lo gears and a funky emergency brake that worked kind of like the release on a pair of Vice Grips. Speaking of Vice Grips, the window crank on the passenger side was a pair of Vice Grip pliers.

    Oh, memories!

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    "Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it." ~ Marianne Williamson

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    I drive a 95 Plymouth Grand Voyager. It was a gift from my sister back in 2001. It took good care of me and my pets when I moved across country soon after and I have a lot of attachment to it and still love it. It holds both my dog crates side by side so I can travel with them safely.

    My YM, oddly enough and totally unrelated, drives a 95 Plymouth Voyager, the slightly smaller version of mine. He's had his about 5 years. We were talking with online friends one night about 4 years ago and were asked what we drove, I answered, and thought he was kidding when he said the same vehicle/year. Was a weird coincidence.

    We're looking forward to seeing them together in the drive way when he moves here.

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    My Car list.
    1976 Dodge Dart.
    1987 Chevy Chevette
    1992 Dodge Shadow
    1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (inherited from my parents)
    1998 Oldsmobile Bravada
    2008 Dodge Caliber (current car).

    Her car list.
    1992 Dodge Shadow (got from me when I switched to Delta 88).
    2003 Dodge Carivan
    2012 Dodge Journey

    I picked my cars mostly for economy. She picked hers for capacity. As a mother and daycare instructor/director, she transports a lot of kids around.
    Like Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet."

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    my cars

    My daily driver:
    1996 Chevy express 1500 conversion van, its just so **** comfy, has a tv, bed and its a high top so u can almost stand up inside, i fitted it with surround sound and i just love it yes gets 15 miles per gallon but u pay the price for being comfy.
    1973 Firebird 5 speed(conversion) just a very fun car to drive, change the suspension to sporty and it handles so good now. was my daily driver for a year, great car.
    1988 Trans am GTA currently not running because of a flywheel problem but was my original first car when i was around 23 still have it.
    1969 corvette being restored.
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