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Thread: Great LDR Links

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    Quote Originally Posted by inLove4eva View Post
    i just wanted to say LDR's can work. I am an older woman, married to a younger man. Our relationship started out as an LDR and it was rocky at first. But with good, crystal clear communication (even talking when we didn't feel like it or being so honest it hurt) we made it thru.

    so keep positive.
    Also, here is a good article with some nice points. Some we already know but it's good to be reminded.

    I just read that article and I see that the author is a "Divyne Miss M." We have a member here with a very similar name!

    And welcome, by the way!

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    Here is an article that I found while looking more into LDRs since I recently have gotten into one. The site seems to cover alot of aspects of dating though, but I have not fully explored it. I did however read the article in the following link:

    It gives a few good tips on how to cope with a LDR, and i found it pretty informative. Who knows, you might find other info there that you need as well.

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    Great to hear so many success stories - LDRs can work! I know of many happy couples who have found long lasting love and while it may be challenging at times, they find it totally worth doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miu View Post
    I am very surprised not to find any cautionary LDR links posted in this thread. Google up "internet romance scams" for many links on the subject. But this must mean that no one yet on this site has fallen victim to an internet con artist... and yay to that!
    My colleague talked to a guy online for 3 months. She is 37. He said he was 18. He was a virgin. Started a new job. Told her he was being sexually harassed by the women at work and then told her they had raped him. She did everything she could to help him. Talked him into going to a lawyer... even rang lawyers for him (in Scotland). They swapped pics but he would never skype her. She was absolutely besotted with this guy. Talked about getting married. He was talking about moving to Aus to be with her. He planned a trip to Perth to see her. Three weeks before he was due to arrive in Perth, she started pushing for him to go on Skype so she could see him 'live'. He refused. He ended up deciding to come clean with her - he isn't 18 at all. He is a 70 year old widower. The photos he sent her were of his 17 year old grandson. She was absolutely devastated. Even the name he'd given her was false. She told everyone he died - because in an essence he did... to her anyway. She only confided in me because I am in long distance relationship and she wanted to make sure same thing wasnt happening to me. She feels like a complete idiot - her words, not mine. She was completely taken in by him. Worst part is, he couldn't see that he'd done anything wrong. Because he'd come clean. She said she might have been able to forgive him if he had accepted responsibility for it. She tried to keep the relationship going - she really did love him. But she couldnt trust him and ended it

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    That's a terrible thing to happen!! How long had she been involved with him before he confessed the truth? I think it can be a bit of a shock when you are an honest, straight up kind of person, to discover the lies some people are willing to tell from the safety of the internet (as well as the appalling behaviour they would certainly never display towards someone they had met IRL). When I was internet dating I was lucky in that I never had anything particularly bad happen. Couple of guys who disappeared for no apparent reason, no explanation, no further contact, before we'd got round to meeting, but no-one fortunately (as far as I know) pretending to be someone they were not. It just never even occurred to me that that might happen - I totally fail to understand why anyone would do that!!

    However, I had never Skyped with my now-husband before we met. We had chatted on the dating site where we met, and on MSN, and by text, but had never even had a phone conversation. Guess I was just very lucky!!
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