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Thread: Room Fragrancers

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    I laughed at myself when I saw I'd begun this thread.

    The answer to my question is: yes. Those little wax potpourri cubes really do only last about 2 weeks in a "warmer". When one is accustomed to plug-ins that last 90 days or candles that provide a visual cue as to when the fragrance will end, the basis for comparison to the wax potpourri is a bit skewed.

    I have moved from using petroleum wax candles scented with synthetic oils to soy wax candles scented with essential oils.

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    saved your melted wax when the scent is gone...remelt...add your preferred scent to the wax. either save the tray the cubes came in, or use an ice tray to re pour the cubes. some scents don't "throw" as well...but fun to do.
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