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Thread: Happy OW/YM Stories

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    A_Kenyans_woman Guest

    thank you

    Thank you, thank you, for your beautiful post..It touched my heart..and made me cry tears of joy for you. I wish you the very best of luck.

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    Here I am ~smile~ and, as usual, Tim's right here, too...

    We met a little over two years ago online whilst playing Scrabble and developed a fast friendship. I gave him girlfriend advice while he made the rounds with all the girls who had crushes on him and always thought in the back of my mind, "If only he were 10 years older..." Meanwhile, he was crushing on me too, and I had no idea.

    The reader's digest version is that after a few months, he suggested an online liason and I emphatically said "No way!" not only because of our significant age gap but because I'm American and he's from England; neither of us was exactly rolling in money & I didn't see how we'd ever go anywhere in the long run so why bother? Thankfully, he was patient.

    *chuckle* yeah. :: clearing throat :: So we got married this past December and have been on cloud nine ever since.

    geez, could I have been any more wrong???

    p.s. We found this place together, looking for an anomaly -- namely, a website that was actually designed to support relationships instead of constantly interacting with all of the people we met online who had found their internet "soul mate" (but oh, God, they sure hoped their real life spouse didn't find out!! )

    p.p.s. I COMPLETELY agree, Sora! Tim and I went through something very similar to what you described -- I kept praying and asking God, "Are You sure??" lol
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    Tonbonokoi Guest

    Sora's "Jeremy"

    My real name is Jeremy, and i am sora's soon to be husband.

    now its my turn to tellyou MY side of the story...

    I had just had a horrible day at work, dealing with those pathetic worthless waists of flesh that smile and pretend to be happy, I hated them all. See thats the way i was, shrouded in darkness, i could only focus on one thing, anger and hate for all life around me... I wanted free of this hell, my hell.. on the outside, my body motions where stoic, and if you where to look into my eyes you would feel despair and misery, in a sense, my "soul" was not there, i had left me, retreating into the dark corners of my inner self... All i was, all i could ever be then, was a walking testiment to the powers of satanism and necromancy.. the powers of evil.

    when i got home the night i decided i would reviel the truth to more people in the world, so i signed onto my computer and went straight into MSN..

    My first victims where the catholics, i hated catholics, so i went into their room and convinced one person god was not real.. and that his life was a waste and god was some execuse for him to feel better. After i told the room administrator that his wife was cheating on him, i was kicked out..

    I then proceeded into a room called "Pentacostle fire waters burnin" what great fun this was, I insulted everyone, most blocked me so they couldn't see my words, but one person, One stupid person did not... her name... was "Happy2Bme4u4ever" this person would later change her name to Soranoyume

    we talked, and right as i was about to pounce... BAM she hits me with "I am part japanese" I was like a cheeta paused in some nature movie in the action of pouncing while bob is in the crapper.... i loved japanese people, the only people who could understand me.

    I withdrew the claws i was about to dig into her, and took more of an offensive, yet passive stance...i talked, but not much... i didn't trust them, they could be lying to get to me, to convert me to the god i hated so much.

    As time passed, i accepted her, and opened up... i realised the errors in her life, this "Man" that was oppressing her into a miserable life, and i knew deep down, this was not right...

    SO, in a simple phrase to sum this up "I seperated there marrage."

    little beknownst to me, she had already filed a divorce, but i destroyed all the doubts in her mind.

    This "Man" i need to thank though, for he did teach me to control this anger inside, being so far away from her, and hearing her tell me about what he said and did... would enrage me, i wanted to kill him, i wanted him to die, and i wanted to be the one to do it..

    as months passed, i learned to supress anger, into reading... i picked up the hagakure (book of the samurai) and i read... after reading it i indulged further, now i was enlightened to current affairs and the organized life style of the merchant class (This is the people who work for a living)

    I helped sora through her financial and spiritual problems, by offering the two things i knew the most about, Shintoism (japanese spiritualism) and Christianity. Add this to the knowledge i had of "Worldly Ways" I quickly became #1 in her life..

    Un-beknownst to me, i was falling for her, i loved her, i was her guardian, and i took that title with great pride.. she was MY sora, noone would touch her... she was also changing me, my anger dwindled and was replaced with the graces of god.. MY intellect was increasing, giving me more of a passive attitude...

    When i flew out to visit her, we went to little tokyo, for the first time in my entire life, i was "home" Japan, the place my soul and heart belongs... and with her, the world was at peace, and time ceased to exist. Finally i could "relax"

    I met the "Man" while i was out there, but i did not kill him like i had planned, though the opportunity was there, i did not feel the need to.. he was destroying himself, and i need not fuel the fire.

    We left back to my home of indiana and have been here ever since...

    Now that i look back on things.. .My anger is gone, buried deep withing me, only to surface from time to time, when i am annoyed or someone is pushing my buttons.. I go to church now, and i sing the songs hoping for the graces of god to shine down on me.. I watch and guard an 11 year old little girl so fiercly that should someone attempt to hurt her, they will not find that person's body... ever...
    My practice of shintoism is stronger then ever... now that summer is finally here, i can enjoy the inate beauty of the world around me... I am indeed ALIVE!!! broken of that horrible dark curse, i placed myself into...

    I love you sora...
    I love you god...
    I love all things that live... may they all be blessed...

    this is my story, i hope i did not bore you...

    mata ne,

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    emo Guest

    Another happy ending

    I was a swim coach for many years. I also teach at a law school. I must have met thousands of YM in my career. But one student, a swimmer I worked with for 3 years, stole my heart. Being the ethical, 'always do the prudent thing' person, I hated myself for what I felt for him. But as I turned 35 and he turned 18, I felt completely helpless with my feelings and I told him how I felt.

    So now I am divorced with 2 little boys ( from a man who was the same age but half the maturity of my new love) and we have been happily together for 1 1/2 yrs. I had been divorced before I met my YM but had reconciled for a short while then divorced again.

    I believe that dating a student is just not proper. ı believe that dating anyone in your working circle is not the best thing to do. But sometimes....SOMETİMES.... the feelings are so strong, and your ınstincts are so loud, that you have to answer the call in your head...Of the 20 years of teaching, I have never once even looked at a student, much less consider a relationship. But life doesn't always come in the prettly little package you had hoped for. So I took the plunge and dated a guy 18 yrs. my junior and I have never been happier. I have found absolutely no difficulties in his age and we get along fine. My kids love him and he loves my kids. That's my happy ending.

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    DSpring Guest
    this is one of my favorite threads....i hope that members will add to it...

    with all the flamin' around here...perhaps time for some warm fuzzy nuggets of love, eh?

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    DSpring, thanks for bringing this to the front, I don't know how I missed it before.

    Kristin, Sora I esp liked your stories....thank you for sharing.. and all of you thanks!

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    Thanks for bringing this back DSpring!

    And isn't this what AgelessLove is REALLY all about??

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    GoldieCat Guest
    Oo...I thought this might be a check-in to see if we were still happy....



    Hope you all are too!

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    Moby Dick Guest
    I started spending a lot of time on the internet in August 2000 at my dad's house. I remember being on a Metallica website and spending some time emailing with somebody from Phoenix whom I had met through the Metallica site. This person was moving to CA and asked me if I could help out one of her colleagues from work who was very interested in the Netherlands (which is where I'm from).

    So, I got her emailaddress and it turned out we had already met at another Metallica website. Turned out she was a fan of the band aswell. At first L and I just corresponded through emails with me giving her tips of things to do/see while in the Netherlands. She was planning a trip to Europe with her best friend who actually was Dutch but hadn't been in the Netherlands for quite some time.

    After a week of emailing we both got MSN Messenger since the emails started to get longer and longer and we figured we might as well chat instead of sitting there typing long letters lol.

    We spent the next few weeks chatting with eachother every single day until we exchanged phonenumbers. I think I made the first call.

    We're in January 2001 now and we had just started to exchange pictures of ourselves through regular mail. As far as I knew L was born in 1974, making her 26 years old at the time. I was 20 and believe it or not, the 6 year age 'gap' was quite a big deal to me. Don't know why, but looking back I'm positive the unconventional way of meeting and spending time with eachother had something to do with it, but in any case, I wasn't comfortable with it, even though I had fallen head over heels for her and she for me.

    It's crazy looking back, but we literally spent hours talking on the phone every single day of the week. The record was an 8 hour conversation (!!!!) and I'm not making this up.

    We decided it was time to meet face to face, and on July 31st she would arrive in Amsterdam for a 3 week stay with me at my mom's house. The ride over to the airport was nervewrecking, not to mention standing at the gate and waiting for her to come out lol. I had taken a ride from my mom and her friend who were gonna stay in a nearby city for a couple days on holiday.

    I remember how surreal it was to see L walk there in person for the first time, kissing her, being able to touch eachother, etc. The one thing that did struck me as odd was the fact that she looked a bit older than I had expected.

    We took a cab to our hotel in Amsterdam and during these first couple of hours I couldn't help but feel, I dunno, really uneasy about her appearance. Not that she wasn't pretty, au contraire, but she didn't look the same as on the pictures.

    So, call it impulsive or whatever, but I pretty much made it know to her that seeing her was awesome and that I was looking forward to a great time together, but that I had my doubts about the relationship. I felt bad, really bad, but honestly I just didn't feel right about the whole thing...something wasn't right.

    The weekend in Amsterdam was very tough for the both of us. Obviously for her, she had just travelled half way across the planet for a guy who now all of a sudden wasn't as interested in her any more.

    After the weekend we took the train to my hometown in the southern part of the country where she met my dad, my mom's boyfriend, my brother, etc, etc. Everybody loved her and she fit in really well.

    Basically, everything seemed perfect, but it wasn't for me. I was in love with her, attracted to her personality and looks, but.... I dunno, it still is hard to put into words after all this time. I guess you can say I was embarrassed that she was 6 years older than me, and in my opinion looked even older than that.

    To make a long story short, during her 3 week stay with me there were several instances where I made comments suggesting/asking if she was really 26. She even had her 27th birthday during those 3 weeks. We had an amazing time with eachother, I fell even more madly in love with her, we wanted to continue with our relationship and when time came to say goodbye we were both devastated.

    But, the worst was yet to come.

    She had only been back in the States for just a few days when the truth came out. She broke down under my pressure and confessed that she wasn't born in 1974, but in fact she was born in 1968, making her not 6, but 12 years older than me. It was like being run over by a train or something. Not so much the fact that she was 'now' 12 years older, but the fact that she had lied about it.

    The next days and weeks were absolute hell for both of us, with me not knowing if I should continue the relationship (I despise lying) or break up, and L being scared to death of losing the best thing that had ever happened to her (her words).

    After long talks with people that are close to me and know me real well and not to mention all the countless hours of thinking about everything I decided I loved her for who she is and her reason for not telling me her real age was valid enough.

    I did sort of demand one thing though. That we would meet again as soon as possible. I guess I kinda did that to see if I would feel the same for her knowing I'd be walking next to a 33-year-old (at the time) compared to a 27-year-old, which she obviously never was with me.

    Anyway, she came back in early November 2001 and we rented a cabin for 2 weeks. It was an amazing time. By this time everybody was up to date and knew that L was in fact 12 years older than me, but my family and friends treated her the same as before and she got along with everyone just as well as a couple months prior.

    After she left I went over to her in Phoenix, AZ for 3 weeks (12/01-01/02). She came back to the Netherlands for another 2 weeks in March of 2002 and I proposed to her at our spot on the outskirts of my hometown.

    While she was in the States I prepared everything for the wedding; the paperwork, invitations, location, etc, etc.

    We married in my hometown in May 2002 with 40 of our close family and friends celibrating with us.

    We applied for a visa at the American Consulate General in Amsterdam a couple days after our wedding and then we flew off to Phoenix for our honeymoon. This was actually the first time we flew together.

    I spent another 3 weeks in Arizona and then had to come back to await the visa process. I remember the exact dates too. July 5th was my medical examn and July 15th was the 'interview' with the American Consul. I booked a ticket for the 18th of July, and had one final night with my family and friends at our local bar where I was DJ for the night and after that I took a plane to be with the woman of my dreams.

    There were never any kids from a previous relationship from either one of us, so that made things easy. We were and still are on the same wavelength on all important issues and after a couple months we found out that L was pregnant with our first baby!

    Our daughter was born on the hottest day of the year in 2003 and I 'm anxcious to have another lol. Fatherhood is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    So there you have it, another happy story. L will turn 37 in a little over a week and I will turn 25 in October.

    The Great Dutch - American Combo as I like to think of us lol.

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    Moby Dick Guest
    Wow I typed a lot!!!

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    Crayon Guest


    This is a wonderful thread.. ty for starting this

    our story is similar to some I've read.. we met in an Online game called starwars galaxies. I was not looking for love.. and definately not from someone so much younger than me. But, he stole my heart.

    Our characters were in love in a role playing type of way, but our role playing soon developed into something much more. He knew my age and I knew his though I didn't want to voice my real feelings for him, even though I've always said who I am in game is who I am in real life.

    He called me on that one saying if I love him in game then I love him in real life. That scared me because knowing he was only 2 1/2 years older than my oldest child I didtn' feel this was right for me to do... falling in love with someone so much younger than me.

    He really pressed the issue saying that age was no barrier to true love. He so totally helped me to see past the stigma's that society places on older women /younger men relationships. And when I talked to my kids about this.. they were all very supportive and were just interested in my happiness. They think it's great and only want me to be happy ^_^

    We've been together seriously for just over a year.. August 21st is the one year anniversary of our characters in game marriage ^_^. He asked me to marry him in real life on January 21st of this year.

    Our biggest obstacle now is the ocean between us and the United States government allowing him to work here and live here with me. I am a US citizen and he is a German citizen. I am currently in school full time for nuclear medicine technology and he is working in Austria.

    We plan to get married sometime after I graduate from school in May of 2006. We love each other so much.. it really kills us to be seperated from each other by such a great distance. We try to get to see each other as often as possible but that seems to be only about every 3 months or so

    He is the love of my life.. I can't imagine my life without him. He has made me so very happy and I thank God for bringing him into my life.

    I just spent 2 wonderfully glorious weeks with him in austria. Just being in his arms I took in a deep breath and said.. "this must be what heaven will feel like" We could not get enough of each other and spent every waking moment being with each other.. not wasting any moments. Though he did have to work some.. so we were seperated by a few km's for a couple days ..

    I can't wait until we are together forever.. There was a church just outside out hotel that would ring bells every 15 min's .. then ring and ring at certain times of the day .. I always said that I kept hearing bells when I was with him.. this must be true love ^_^ . We wanted so badly to just run to the church and get married *hehe* but we will wait until school is over for sure.

    I am so glad for this thread. It is so nice to hear happy stories ^_^ even though mine is not a "happy ending" yet. we are still at the beginning and our happy ending will be living our lives happily with each other for the rest of our lives.

    For those of you who know of us.. send me a PM and I'll send you a link to pictures ^_^

    Thank you again for starting this thread ^_^

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    There are a lot of happy people missing from this thread! Come on you guys, share!

    (I wish we could sticky this thread!)

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    MissGigl Guest
    Still very happy and loving our new daughter, Charlotte - born 6/9/05!

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    We met at 35 and 19 and celebrated six years together this July.

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    Okay, Joel and I met online on a metal forum. On that forum there was a thread called "Best Avatar" and he told me that he thought my Avatar was the best cause he thought that I was pretty*blush* I didn't see this right away, but I saw someone post a thread asking what avatar really ment... as the smart woman I am I Googled it,and answered the question. Joel posted yet one post comenting on that smart women were even more beautiful *blush* and the flirt was started.

    After a while the owner of the forum got pretty sick of all the flirting and he told us to take it to the PM's. After a day or two I found a PM from Joel that asked me if I wanted to chat. I didn't have a computer at home at the time so I used the one at work so we started out with e-mails and we chatted on messenger every now and then when I had a chance to go online. I don't think any of us thought of anything else that friendship in the beginning... we lived 6000 miles from each others, him in WA and I in Norway and on top of that there was 13 years of an age difference.

    But I guess that somewhere the feelings just grew, and we started to talk about seeing each other in real life. The original plan was that I was to go and see him this summer... but Joel desided that he couldn't wait that long, so he asked if he could come and see me in easter. By that time both of us were pretty sure about how we felt for each other... and we were right... when we saw each other on the airport,he walked right over to me and kissed me for atleast 5 minutes.
    We spent a wonderul week together, before he had to go back home.

    We talked about that he should come over here and live here for a while, cause I thought that it was that easy for an American to do so, but we found out that we had to get married if he ever could come live and work here in Norway.

    Joel and I got married in a small chappel in Tacoma, 22nd of July this summer, exactly 4 months after we met for the first time in real life.
    We are now living together in Norway.

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