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Thread: Happy OW/YM Stories

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    well my story is a long and kinda complicated one, but the hugely amazing thing is how it has so many of the common threads of so many of my other friends on ageless.

    me-46 and hubby 25. i met him in recovery, i was severly depressed, drinking too much and was trying to save my life. he was kind, sober for years and like other people mentioned about their significant other, i liked him immediately. just LIKED him, there was something about him..... at the time i never considered him a romantic partner, he was the same age as my daughter.

    we had been friends for a while and he stood by me when i sobered up and started dealing with the pain of my divorce, i was still driving by my exhusbands house, still living in SO much pain. he saw me threw all that and i dumped my feelings on him, again just as a friend.

    maybe 6 months into our relationship, he confessed feelings for me, i was FLOORED, i was like "no way" you are jail bait, and i aint gonna go to jail for you, this was totally inappropriate because he was 21 at the time, adam as sweet as he is can be very stern and told me in a very serious tone that he was very much a man and i would be passing up the greatest love of my life.

    we had an encounter and i turned away again, during which time he joined the army and this time i was devasted, feelings that i never knew i had came erupting to the surface, i was a crying heap. adam had come from a very abusive background and felt that this was a way to get away from his past and get on with his life. funny enough the months before he left for boot camp, we became inseperable.

    when he left i gave him his freedom, in my heart i said good bye to him.

    the only problem with my gift of freedom to him was that he didnt want it.

    he wrote the first chance he got, he told me that nothing would keep us apart. that was three years ago, we have one year and 4 months left in the military, we got married one year and 3 months ago in our back yard, it was perfect.

    sometimes we chase love in this life and come up empty handed, this has been such a gift to me, adam was a gift from God and i got my life back and my happiness.

    nothing has been easy, but somehow its easy because we are together, he was stationed in italy of all places and then deployed to afghanistan, so we have not even been stateside, i have visited and stayed in italy as long as i could and have maintained a life here also.

    last week we put a deposit on our first home together. it was from our joint checking account and i emailed him the pictures to afghanistan.

    adam continues to be my inspiration, i have yet to meet anyone who even comes close to his beauty. we are not perfect by any means, but we are very happy and grateful for this gift that we call our relationship.

    true love exists, i found it at 42, how imaginable is that? it still amazes me, my advise, go for it! realize that life can turn around and hand you a diamond when you least expect it, dont look for love in the package YOU think it should come in, pray, give it to God and let Him make the match for you. be patient and dont settle and keep working on yourself, love is ageless thats the whole point, it sometimes comes in the most unusual packages.

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    jellybean400 Guest
    Thanks, i needed some happy stories.

    I am glad for everyone and wish you all the best of luck.

    Not a good nite...maybe mine will get better soon. Its gonna go one way or the other...i guess i have to believe that whats meant to be, will be.

    Your loves are inspiring and moving!

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    scottright Guest

    Anything is possible

    I'll keep this short, but I am 31 and my wife is 46. We met at a wedding when I was 24 and we've been together ever since. There was some controversy when we first started going out together, but now that all our friends and family have gotten to know us better...things have settled down. Just in time too, because we are expecting our first child this fall. Neither of us have been parents before, so this is something special, surprising - and yeah, a little unexpected. We consider it a great blessing of our union, though...and validation that we were indeed meant for one another.

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    Faith47 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by scottright
    I'll keep this short, but I am 31 and my wife is 46. We met at a wedding when I was 24 and we've been together ever since. There was some controversy when we first started going out together, but now that all our friends and family have gotten to know us better...things have settled down. Just in time too, because we are expecting our first child this fall. Neither of us have been parents before, so this is something special, surprising - and yeah, a little unexpected. We consider it a great blessing of our union, though...and validation that we were indeed meant for one another.
    That is great Scott! Congratulations and its refreshing to see that happiness is possible.
    Thank you

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    Welcome to Ageless, Scott!

    Please stick around and become involved in our community - we love to have a YM with the voice of experience. Especially one from a happy story!!

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    hotty Guest

    Thumbs up

    what started out as "puppy love" as a frosh in high school for a senior girl, turned out into a 17 year honeymoon some 6years after I graduated... LIFE IS GREAT!!!!! There may be only a 3 year age gap however she still is an "ow" and then like I have expressed in other threads of all my other "ow" flings/expeirences... DO I really qualify for this community???? Dan

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    Inahnia Guest
    Troy and I met online, playing an online RPG called Nevewinter Nights, on a server run by my son-in-law.A soon as I detected that he seemed interested in me, I told him that I was most likely WAY too old for him. He asked me my age and I told him... and he said, "so what? I have been looking for you since I was 12 years old and I'm not about to let you get away now!" Long story short, after quite a bit of talking on computer and phone, sending pics, etc., we finally met in person and that was that. He moved here from Louisiana to be with me a year and a half ago, and we have been married since last May. All is parents love him, my daughter and son-in-law like him too, and he is very happy to be an instant grand-dad. I met his mom and dad last summer, who are divorced. No trouble from either of them. He has an 11 year old daughter who spends summers with us and will be spending all her high school years with us, so we need to find a house in about 6 months and get me retired so I can be an "at -home" mom by the time she gets here.
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    It's been a while since anyone has contributed a happy OW/YM story and I know we have a few members who haven't added their story here!

    Come on people - spill!!

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    marcy Guest

    Oh my gosh, how'd I miss this thread???

    LOL! I have a happy OW/YM story!

    I met my ym on April 15, 2003. I remember it because I was doing my taxes while playing the game I met him in. I actually had to run out at 11:40 pm to the post office to get that stamp on the package in time! Anyways, I met him playing There. We connected right away. I knew he was younger than I was, but it was just a game fling so I didn't let it bother me. We became so close, so quickly. We spoke outside of game on instant messengers and rushed through our real life activities to be together in game. I am sure the romantic settings of There helped . Soon we began to talk about the possibilities of meeting in the real world... However... it turned out that he was younger than he had initially told me. In June, I found out that he was in fact 18... not 23. I had a serious meltdown. It wasn't just that he was younger than me, but that he was a teenager. Man oh man how I hated the idea of being in love with, having a relationship with, kissing a teenager. A teenager!!! I had 2 of those at home! I couldn't imagine it! We had voiced over the internet and chatted constantly, but he was faceless to me... and yet I did love him.

    I felt like a sicko, like I was doing something wrong even contemplating it. He was constantly pushing to move into the real world, pics/cam/meet. I wanted to also and yet I felt freaked. I typed older women and younger men into google search and AL was the first site that popped up. I came here and posted Whats too young?, my first thread here where I poured out all my insecurities and fears. I read posts lots of them and I especially loved the ones by Bella, Jody, and Desert Spring because they were all women my age in relationships with guys who were very young. They were women who had been in my shoes and had made the decision to go for it! Most importantly, they were all happy they had. I brought Devon here and we both felt supported and excited at the possibilities.

    We decided to meet for the first time in November 2003. We cammed constantly in preparation. I sent the most unflattering pics I could take. I wanted to make sure that Devon did *not* have any unrealistic expectations. I worried and I stressed. I worried that I was stealing his youth, that he was settling for me because he hadn't had a serious relationship yet, that he would regret spending his youth with me, that our family and friends would freak, that we would look ridiculous together, and that I would feel strange kissing a teenager. I came here and posted every panic I had... and even almost to the big event I had worries and doubts. A gorgeous post by Raven Magdalene set me straight and also helped set the course for our meeting.

    When I saw him at the airport running towards me, I didn't even hesitate. We kissed and held each other tight. It didn't feel weird. I didn't think about what we looked like. It was the most beautiful and romantic week. I fell more in love. We continued to visit and married on February 18, 2005.

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    Delighted Guest
    I'm new here but wanted to add that I have a happy story. My YM is 17 years younger. We have known each other for 4 years and been married for 2.5 years. He is the love of my life who treats me better than any man has before. We met when he knocked on my door! It can happen! We made up excuses to have phone conversations and one thing led to another and viola!We have so much in common that our small differences do not matter. We differ on things like music. Even though we like some of the same music, I like my old school too and he likes some God awful stuff that makes me cringe when we listen to it in the car. And then there is his driving which I don't know if it's age related or just that he drives like a maniac. But all in all, he is the head of our household, the bread winner, the king of our castle and I love him dearly. Sometimes I worry about getting older and wrinkly and he will still look fabulous, what will we do? What will I do? How will I feel about that?
    But we talked about all of these things before we got married and will handle them as they go. Someone in an earlier post said not to think that far into the future and I agree. I am enjoying my life as it is right now, and would not be married to any other man on the planet. Funny how God created my soul mate when I was getting out of high school, I guess I am the complicated sort and it took God a while to figure out what was best for me.
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    Crayon Guest

    happily ever after ^_^

    hi all ..

    it has been a long time since I posted on this website but here I am .. with a very happy OW/YM story ..

    met my soon to be husband while playing a game online.. I did put alot of our story on an earlier post on this thread .. wow it was almost 3 years ago !! .. we have an 18 year age difference.. but when we are together that difference isn't even there. This website gave both of us lots of support and helped us to be where we are today

    well to make a long story short.. we married Jan 21, 2007 and we ARE living happily ever after ^_^

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    I met my YM at work in February of 2004. I still remember the first time we spoke (and yes, there was an immediate attraction).....we discussed music, the music of Godsmack to be exact. They were one of my favorite bands at the time and the same went for him. He was 22 and I was 35. I remember thinking how mature he was for his age. He was the IT Manager at our company (which impressed me) and I was the production scheduler. We worked together alot which of course got us talking alot. We were friends for an entire year before anything came of it. We talked about, family, ex's and found thru those conversations that we had the same values and morals as well as likes and dislikes. We started dating exclusively in February of 2005 and bought a house in April of 2005. We have never been happier. He is everything to me as I am to him and even tho we are not married as of yet, but that is by choice. Life is sweet and I could not be any happier.......not even if we were married.........actually, we refer to each other as husband and wife already!! LOL.
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    What a long, strange trip it's been.

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    JZANGEL Guest

    Happy Story

    So here is a happier note. I came here when I didn't know how to handle my OWYM situation. But after coming here and seeing so many wonderful relationships and so many women feeling the same feelings I had was such a God send.

    We continued to see each other he reassured me that he had never met a more beautiful or loving women. After months of reassurance I believed him and understood how he was feeling and how much we truly were (and still are) in love. So he asked me to marry him I said yes and we were married last July (2007). I don't even remember when I have been happier or more comfortable around anyone. We are best friends and always talk everything through that might be an issue to either of us. That seems to be a great thing for us both.

    Many blessings to all the relationships out there. Thanks to ageless love I made it through the tough times.

    Thank you all!!


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    Rina and Adam update, funny to see past threads talking about meeting him when he was 21..... he will be 28 this week, he finally is out of the military and he is now a police officer. We are married nearly 4 years. I suppose my feet are now on the ground, I floated for years in the longest spell of being "in love". I prefer his company to anyone elses and still must say that I believe God had a hand in our meeting. I certainly can work on being a better wife, I still PMS terribly and regret having a big mouth, yet he still loves me. I am blessed to know him as my friend and my husband.

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    Kitty, he's a police officer now? That awesome! How is he liking it?

    I can't believe you've been married 4 years already. It seems like yesterday!

    I don't know why I never responded to this thread, or at least I can't find a response.

    I won't go into all the details, because I think y'all know about everything about me by now...but yeah, met an 18-year-old man when I was 32. He lived diagonal across the street from me.

    Nobody thought it would work out, (besides us). They thought it was a stage, or we were dating for the sex..or the money, or whatever...

    We have now been dating over 7 years, and we live together and raise my kids, etc. So far, so good!
    What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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