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Thread: Happy OW/YM Stories

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    How great to see this thread revived!!

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    I agree....I wonder if we should sticky this thread. You really can't get enough positive encouragement when you start out in these relationships.

    I know that when I found Ageless...I think my first thread was called something like "do these things ever work out". I got so many positive responses. I thought our age gap was HUGE (14 years), and here I met so many women with age gaps equal to mine and even much greater than mine having totally normal happy relationships.

    We hear enough of the negative comments from everyone else...
    What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    It in the Common OW/YM Age Gap Questions thread I started - that is stickied in the OW/YM Relationship forum. It's probably how she found it to revive it.

    But, if you want to give it it's own stickied place, that's fine, too! (That doesn't sound quite right...LOL!)

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    HI, to answer the questions regarding Adam becoming a police officer, HE LOVES IT. He has what I call a "servant's heart", he will not make the average cop because he is very kind, course this is not shown to the public at first meeting but he loves people, he understands his job is to serve and protect.

    Sadly, the other three new hires are all gung-ho and I would not want to meet them on the opposite side of the law. None of three new guys have war or military training and they seem a bit rambo for me. I would dare say if any of you met Adam it would not at all be apparent the life he has lived during this current war or that he was a cop.

    I actually do not know all the stories and really do not want to, the ones I heard made me cry so hard and I just do not understand why he is stable and happy and most of all sweet.

    I am gonna be really honest here, the salary he is going to make now is going to make my life easier, I am not the major bread winner for this moment although last year I had a steller year but worked two jobs while he was in school, full time mortgage broker in a bank and a full time real estate broker. Needless to say I left the bank three weeks ago, I have put one real estate deal together since and have been shopping. I was so busy my closet was really looking quite bare, I didnt have the energy to put my clothes together properly yet and I needed these few weeks to buy some new things. I am excited about wearing my new stuff.

    Life is good, Adam has been home 1 year and nearly four months, time really does fly. Thank you all for asking.

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    MisKryptonite Guest

    My Turn...

    The short of it...
    Married at 20...for 13 years, 2 kids, 7 years apart through a rocky/abusive relationship, divorced for the last 6 years...on my own with the kids, back to school to finish an Engineering degree, 4 jobs, no time...crazy, but worth it!

    After finishing school I got a fast-track job in Consulting in NYC, burned myself out after 2 years, took a vacation. Started a new job...and met N. Worked with him for 7 months, he was 20, me 37. Friends through the 7 months I worked there, lunches, trips to the mall, etc... I refused to date anyone I worked with...he waited until my final 2 days at the job and told me I would soon be fair game. I finally gave into his advances and decided to give him a chance...after being burned twice more after my divorce...
    It's been the absolute BEST relationship of my life! He is now 22 (just recently), I am 39. We've been together for a year (plus a few weeks) now. His parents don't acknowledge me, we don't care.
    I've posted a few ups & downs on here, but the one thing that rings true in all of the situations, neither one of us gave up. I think we're more in love today than we ever were, and it keeps getting better as we grow.
    If you had asked me before if I'd ever be involved with someone so young, I'd have told you no...but I believe I have finally found my true soul mate, even though I've never believed in such a thing. My past life has washed any sense of "fairy tales" out of my soul..but I do believe that being with the right person should be as easy as breathing, and just as important.

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    Sticking this thread as inspiration for every woman or man who stumbles upon Ageless and wonders...can this work?

    Even if it doesn't last forever these stories are sucessful for the journey they took together.
    there before the threshold, I saw a brighter world beyond myself

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    Unconventional Guest
    Well I met the man who is now my husband when I was 41 and he was 27. We met online -- one of those new match sites. You had to answer a very long series of questions and I just let loose and poured my heart out about everything. Personally I didn't think anyone would respond. I was so **** philosophical, a movie junkie, a political junkie, a technology junkie. I guess I was a bit of a geek on paper.

    Anyway, to my surprise, I got a ton of responses but my guy's profile was so intriguing that I decided to correspond with him. The night we finally met, we spent the entire evening, late into the night at a NYC jazz club debating the "theory of infinity" while killing a couple of bottles of wine. The debate got so passionate, the waitress made sure that she didn't seat anyone else at our table. We were pretty amusing!!!!!!!!

    When we left the club, he told me he was going home with me. I said "no." He said "yes," and this crazy back and forth went on until we arrived at my apartment and well, he "got his way." I couldn't believe it. What a night!!!This was the first time any man had been able to get me into bed the first night I'd met him.

    The following morning, I found him at my piano naked playing Mozart, then he was in my refrigerator, then he was in my shower with me, then we took the subway downtown to our respective jobs and I thought to myself, "I bet I won't be seeing him again." I figured we'd both had a great time and all of this was just too good to be true and that I had to just get past it all and forget about his big, blue/green eyes......

    Well, later that morning he was e-mailing me, then he was calling me, then he was showing up at my apartment with flowers. That's when I said to myself, "This guy is serious. This is really happening." Both our families thought it was cool. They thought we looked great together and they were very supportive from the first day they met him. They didn't care that he was 14 years younger than I was. That was back in 1998. We've been together even since and got married in 2004.

    So don't let anyone tell you that you should avoid age gaps when it comes to finding love. Life is just too short.

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    Moderator! Make this thread a sticky, please!
    Odd Even

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    Hey Erland, it already is a stickied thread.

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    Atheena Guest
    In early 2003, at the age of 42, I had 3 failed marriages and 3 kids under my belt. I'd been divorced for 6 years. I was so used to being single that I'd almost given up on finding anybody. All of my friends were in relationships, and the only single gals I knew were so much younger that it seemed odd to hang out with them.

    I had recently changed gyms, and one day was just finishing with cardio and walked into the weight room. As I approached a machine, a lady on the machine next to me said "Hey, I know you!" I looked at her for a few seconds before recognizing her as someone I used to work with 20 years before! We struck up a conversation, one thing led to another, and as it turned out, she was single too....and MY AGE!! We started to hang out together, going out frequently.

    One Friday night, my friend and I stopped at a nearby bar. That's where I met Jeff. My friend had already met someone that night, and Jeff noticed that I was kind of a third wheel. On my trip to the bar for drinks, Jeff started a conversation with me. I had already had several drinks so I was feeling pretty happy....we ended up playing pool and dancing. At some point the age factor came up, since it was obvious to me that he was younger....he was 30!! I figured "what the hell, it's only one night"....and proceeded to have fun. Little did I know....

    Jeff called me alot after that. I was still convinced it was only for the night. I was nice to him, but honestly thought of him as a play toy. My friend and I laughed at the whole situation, of how this younger guy was so infatuated with me. It was quite an ego boost though.

    6 weeks after that first night, I finally agreed to meet with him for a drink. The first time I'd been with him, I was too drunk to really remember how he looked....this time I was sober. And I liked what I saw. He was nice, polite, and I was actually attracted!! I had serious hangups with the age issue, but eventually got over them, and we got married in April of 2008.

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    tyomguy Guest

    BEEN AWHILE but with good news!!!

    Hi all,

    Its been forever since I posted on here and back then there were things I was incredibly concerned about it my relationship. I am, today, happy to say those things have subsided due to love and hard work that myself and now fiance' (yay!!) have worked through. We are engaged as of July after being together for 3 years. We are also expeceting (Another big yay!!!). Due in december and we are having a boy!!!

    She initially did not want anymore children and I was slowly wrapping my brain around that idea and preparing to never have any children of my own. Low and behold by the sheer grace of God she became pregnant in late March. We were'nt trying and in fact we were using protection, but one fateful night we had a malfunction in the protection department and TA-DAH here we are.

    I was scared about her intial reaction when we took the pregnancy test, due to knowing she didn't want to have anymore. When it came up positive she smacked me in the arm and started laughing saying " you got me pregnant"
    we laughed for about 20 mins nervously and excited then talked about all sorts of things. Ultimately figuing out what happend and she confessed to me that during that time she was praying heavily that God would have his will on things in my life at the time and on our realtionship. THY WILL BE DONE!!!! LOL we are going to be parents and are very excited.

    My fiance' is 38 and I am 31, plus a first time dad. Her 2 older children 12 and 9 are very excited about their baby brothers arrival.

    No wedding date set yet as we have enough going on with the baby 2 other children full time jobs and a home. All in due time!!!

    thats whats new with me, amoungst many other things!!!

    Thanks for letting me share!!


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    bellafiamma7 Guest

    Our Never Ending Love Story...

    Hello everyone, we felt compelled to share our story....

    The love of my life and I met online through a dating site. At this point in both our lives we didn't really believe we would find what we had been looking for through online dating. I'd been on these sites and have been disappointed to say the least in the content and caliber of men displayed. However, for me I can say, this was my last effort with a dating site and still did not have much faith in the process but I was willing to post some info and see what happened.

    To my surprise I was contacted by a man that seemed so sincere in his email and wanted to know more about me. I saw his picture that was posted and thought…wow, he's very handsome. Then I saw his age, and thought.. but young. He being 24 yrs old, and I'm 45. To complicate things more, he is located in the country of Jordan and I'm in the USA. So in the back of my mind I didn't have faith that this could ever progress into anything other than friendship or that he was different from any of the other men online, especially considering the age difference. So politely I returned the message stating that I'd be interested in getting to know him, after all what did I have to lose.

    We emailed each other many times through the website and everyday he impressed me with his respect and truthfulness towards me. He sent me virtual roses every time he contacted me, it was a romantic gesture that made an impression on me. He put such effort into making me smile in the simplest of ways. And eventually our correspondence moved to emails, which changed to online chatting. At this point in our conversations, I could see how different his thoughts were about relationships and women and the future that he wanted to have with a partner. We discussed religion as he is Muslim and I would be classified as Christian (if you must). We talked about families and love and what we were both wanting in our lives. It's amazing to me when you can put aside societies pressures of what is acceptable and just get to know a person as another human being….it's amazing what can take place.

    Love has blossomed between our hearts and our souls have really found their match. He, being the romantic person that he is, sent me a video proposal which really sealed the deal for me, you can see in his eyes that it was difficult to proclaim his love, but that nothing would stop him from telling the world his true feelings. A true testament to a man who will be faithful and committed in a life long marriage. We have shared many pictures, videos, and hours of text messaging and chatting online in order to be close to each other. Really building a strong foundation for our future together. I am now planning a trip to visit him in the middle east. This will be the first step in our journey of a lifetime together.

    I've never been one to worry about what others think, or live in a small corner of my world and never experience life. So this relationship is just an extension of who I am. And I believe him to feel the same about his life.

    We wanted to share our story with all of you in hopes that we can be an encouragement to others and in return be encouraged by all of you. Your questions and comments are welcomed.

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    6th anniversary

    I've just been booking for a weekend away to mark our sixth wedding anniversary.

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    guessgirl Guest

    Sooo glad to read these!!

    I needed this site! These are all beautiful stories. I dont know what has gotten into me. I know my husband loves me, I see it in his eyes. I think it's just culture shock. Small town Bama girl in Germany. Makes me think too much right now!

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    moonmissy Guest

    A tough ride but it was worth it!


    I'm new to this forum. My life and my relationship is full of controversy and it had been a tough year for me. It is possibly the worst and best year for me.

    I know H since 2002, he was 20 years old still in college and I was 27. We met at a Public Speaking Club. I did a lot of volunteering back then. I found myself to feel very close to H and we quickly became friends. I didn't think much of anything then, I just knew that he was a good person who been through some tough childhood situation which were similar to mine, so I wanted to see him happy. So H and I became very close friends, I gave him advice, emotional support and a confidant. I treated him like a little brother and took him under my wing. I did this with many younger people I know. But H was special. He was always a sentimental and caring person beneath the shy exterior. When his family wasn't supportive of him, I helped him out with some pocket money. I gave him money to go on his first date with his first girlfriend. He sometimes would drop by my house for the night to borrow my desk to study or to grab dinner whenever he was around. When I got married H was my wedding car driver. He helped with the wedding and did more than even my husband or the best man.

    About four years after I got married, I was extremely unhappy. My husband then was not the man he had lead me to believe. He was 11 years my senior but he was very irresponsible and immature. He was dishonest with me, emotionally manipulative, and mentally weak. He constantly tries to destroyed the business I worked very hard to build, was financially and professionally irresponsible which caused problems over and over during our marriage. He did little to pay the bills and incur more debts which I had to pay often. Every other month or so, it was another $2000 to $3000 extra to pay for his problems. I asked him to go to counseling, he was uncooperative. I dragged him into couple's counseling, it didn't go anywhere since he still didn't want to grow up. After 4 years of this, I was physically mentally exhausted, emotionally angry, sad and depresssed. I was hospitalized because of stress and exhaustion for a week. Still my uncaring husband continued to lie and promise things he never can really deliver. He refused to grow up. I was at the end of my tethers, I told him over and over again if he doesn't change, I will leave him.

    That's when H came into my life regularly again. H had broken up with his girlfriend and single again. He had dropped by to see me for coffee off and on during my terrible marriage. But I never told him of the terrible hell I was enduring in my marriage. H would always be there whenever I call for some helping hands, to paint the house, move stuffs etc...

    I asked H to come and help me with some work in my business, I had lots of space in my home and offered for H to stay with my husband and me . My husband was away on his first business trip alone for the first time for 2 weeks. It was the first time he was away and I was without my husband. For some times before he left, I told him 3 times that I felt some sexual attraction for H, which I found it to be weird, because I treated him like a friend and little brother for years. I told my husband that our marriage was on the rocks and that the problems in it was not dealt with properly by him for a long time despite my efforts. I told him many times how unhappy and depressed I was because of all the weight he puts on my shoulders and he ignored me. We haven't had sex for a long time. Developing intense sexual attractions for another is a telltale sign of trouble. My husband said nothing, did nothing and ignored my warnings.

    After my husband left on his first solo business trip, for the first day, I missed him a little, by the second day I was elated and relieved that he was gone. I didn't felt like that for a long time since the relationship with my husband started, I wrote him an email telling him how I felt and that I was elated to have time for myself. By the third day, I found H and myself in bed with each other. I couldn't believe how we ended up there...neither could he.

    We were like two possessed people in a crazy two weeks romance. Then my husband came back. I told my husband everything that happened. It was the first time I felt alive in a long time. I then realized that my the marriage was killing me slowly. My husband looked wonderful and young after marrying me. When I looked at the photos we took over the years, my husband started off looking old, and I looked the years go by..I looked more exhausted and old and he looked younger and healthier. The pictures woke me up. I wanted out of the marriage.

    H felt terrible thinking that by having sex with me he had broken up my marriage. He said whatever decision I make he will respect it. He didn't know that whether or not he is with me, I was determined to leave my husband.

    My husband was in a wild tantrum, he said he had finally understood what he did wrong and appreciated what I had done and sacrificed for him over the years but it was too late. He had said that before many times ...I could no longer trust him. I wanted a divorce. My husband pretended to make it all nice and befriend me to continue our business however underneath it all my husband blamed me for cheating on him with H, used that excuse to destroyed what was left of our business, stole money, business contacts and future incomes away, left me with a big pile of debts which he incurred and told everyone that I was at fault. What was worst was that he entered into all kinds of contracts, encouraged business agents and employees to form a new company secretly with him and promised many things to our clients before he left and disappeared.

    I was left with all kinds of responsibilities and scrambling for money. H stepped in to assist me with the mess my husband left behind. He sacrificed financially and even moved to another city with me to fulfill my business obligations with clients which my husband promised before he left.

    Fast forward 1.5 years later. Most of the clean up has almost been done and H is still with me. He said he loved me more than ever. He saw me through the toughest of times and supported me in every way. At first I thought he did it out of guilt, but then just a few days ago, he proposed to me.
    I'm still waiting for my divorce to be finalized. H said when it is done, we will get married. We have lived together for over a year now. It was the toughest of times for me financially and professionally. It took me sometimes to recover emotionally from an awful marriage and disappointments because I had invested so much and sacrificed so much for my ex-husband. However, H had come through for me like a real knight in shining armor. He is 7 years younger than me, 18 years younger than my ex-husband, but so much more mature in love and relationships. I couldn't believe that the young man who I once thought I helped to counsel and guide today is guiding me. The years that I was to busy working on my hopeless marriage, he had matured beautifully without my noticing.

    We are still together today and planning to be together for years to come. The age difference made little difference in our life. Although I had been through many relationships and one failed marriage, I found that this relationship with H was the easiest to settle into. We are very compatible and extremely happy. We both found a place to call home for the first time where both of our hearts reside.

    Other than 2 days of my PMS episodes once in a while, 28 days of the month we're very happy. H is even getting better at dealing with my PMS episodes.

    I'm very happy and grateful....H is like a dream come true for me. A tall, handsome, intelligent, funny, sentimental, responsible and caring man. We both have the same views in life and can laugh at our own silliness often. I never forget to thank God often for H in my life. He is like my soul mate and the husband I always wanted. All this time...he was right there in my life and I didn't see it.

    It's about time!

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