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Thread: Welcome!

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    Welcome to Agelesslove, new members! Please take a moment and post a thread introducing yourself to the other members.

    If you need age gap support, be sure and check out the OW/YM or YW/OM or Same Sex AGR Relationship Support sections.

    We hope you like it here and that you get the support that you need!
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    frenchkitty Guest
    hey everyone!
    i'm a 47 year old adult female in a relationship with a 29 year old male.
    hopefully i can get some words of encouragement and wisdom from others going through some of the same trials and tribs my partner and i go through.
    thanks for this websight,because i have never met an adult female /younger male will really be nice to get info from people who can really understand!
    french kitty

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    hides73 Guest


    Hi everyone! I am new here and would like to tell my story and get some feedback from those who are in the same boat. I have this friend that I've known for several yrs. Recently things have become serious between us. I am a 34 yr old female and he is 70. I always knew something was there, but as soon as we kissed, I was sure. I told him that age is just a number and it does not bother me at all (besides he acts my age anyway). He on the other hand has some problems with it. He says to me that people are going to think that you're crazy. I told him that I don't care what people think. Besides I do resemble that remark anyway!
    See, he just lost his wife of 50 yrs last year. I can absolutly understand why he would be hesitant to start a new relationship. He needs to heal and I told him that I will be there for him to help him. I told him that we don't need to jump into anything serious and I am not asking for a comittment. All we need to do is have fun, enjoy each other and what ever happens, happens.
    He can't look into my eyes without going crazy. He always says stop, don't do this to me.
    He is confused and I feel bad for him. But I long to kiss him and miss him when we're apart. What can I do?
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    squall Guest

    Hello, greetings, whats up.

    So i am just curious and a bit shy and skeptical of any online relationships.
    anyone wanna be my guide? show me around? give me an intro about how things work around here.

    not only am i new here, i have never dated anyone more than 2 years + or - my age.

    I am a 27 Y O, attractive and athletic guy. i have tons of pics and other profiles that i may share with the right woman.

    I am not seriously searching for someone but have always had the stereotypical OW/YM fantasy. it would be nice to meet the dream woman but i would be happy to make a pen pal.

    No extreme pervs please.

    so..... some one show me in the right direction and get me stared.
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    glittergiggs Guest

    I'm New!

    Hi...I'm going to be 54 in December, my husband is 34. I was so glad to hear about this site because I've been wanting to talk to people I have this in common with. I'm just hoping to be able to find friends I can talk to who won't judge me. I asked what people think of my situation on Yahoo Answers and one gal said I was a "cougar". Really hurt me because my husband and I really love each other and we are Christians who go to church together and pray together,etc. It was really mean. I just need to be around people who understand. So, I hope to find some friends who understand here. Take care all...and God bless yas!

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    new member

    Hi everybody, good morning.

    I have been single for over a year, but I nonetheless registered here. How should I explain that. I am not fixed on age gap relationships. I used to be married with an older man. After that I had a relationship with a younger man, but whenever I met a man, I never had any preconceived ideas in my head as to what age group he should belong to.

    But it is also a fact that no man of my age showed interest in me. Therefore I think I somehow belong here. Does that make sense?

    I am not actively looking for a relationship. I go thru life with an open attitude, and whatever happens, happens. In my spare time I am quite active. I like traveling (& have been to the US also), going to the gym, doing occasional carpentry work, I read a lot, I go to the movies, and I really like writing emails.

    Excuse me for possible linguistic errors. English is not my mother tongue.

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    citygirl0770 Guest


    I just found this wedsite and can't be happier it exists. I'm in a relationship with a ym. I'll be 38 next week and he 24. We met online and had our first date 2 weeks ago. I was previously engaged to someone 6 years younger, so a younger man is not new for me but the larger age gap is. The biggest problem I'm having right now is support from my family. Friends are fine with it. My family is dismissing it as a fling or a passing fancy. We are also dealing with a long distance issue. I'm in NC and he's in NJ. He was visiting his parents for the weekend and that is how we had our first date. This weekend we met in VA and had the best time. I'm flying up to NJ Friday and spending my week's vacation with him.
    I really like him and he makes me feel so good, special, wonderful. I know we are still in the "honeymoon" stage and things should be that way. I feel like he has all the qualities i want in a partner and when we spend time together, on the phone, online, in person, we just have the best time and the age thing doesn't come up for either of us.
    I'm interested in seeing how the people on this site have overcome this age issue and how they deal with the negitivity.

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    demi Guest


    I am new to the site, and am happy to be here.I decided to join the forum cos i am hoping to get some valuable guidance.I am a 38 yr old man, and for the past 2 month have found myself deeply drawn to a woman 20 yrs older.She i a divorced ,I am single, never married. I have not been able to open up to her,although i have had flowers delivered to her twice in the last month.I am however not sure of how to best express my affection, and would appreciate some help.Thank you
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    Nateswoman2008 Guest


    I think I found the perfect place for me to share my relationship with others having the same situation I am in. I am a 42 actually almost 43 as of Friday this week and involved with someone 22 years younger. Yes he is 20. I have known him since he was 13 yrs old and he lived with me and my son on and off for years because of his home situation. We just got involved Sept5 and things in my life have changed for me personally and emotionally. He is very mature for his age and has made me feel real again. We have some things in common but then other things we dont cause of the generation gap but we are taking the time to learn new things. My son and him are friends so they get along great. We are taking it slow because he has been involved in a few relationships that have really messed him up. He treats me with respect which is unique for that age group. He is a gentleman all the way. So far people have been really cool about us and some even tell us way to go but now we have his mom to deal with because she doesnt like me and I am not real hip on her cause of the way she raised him. So I am sure I will be visiting this site often.
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    Welcome to Agelesslove Nateswoman!

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    meinlove2000 Guest

    Unhappy its great being on this wonderful site n knowing all of you

    i'm a married 43 yr old woman with 2 grown up kids.met this wonderful 24 yr old guy six months back.inspite of resisting a lot i fell head over heals in love with him because of the amount he cares about me..he's ok with anything i'm willing to give,marriage..anything but though my marriage is pretty empty,i know i cannot get out after being married for 23 yrs,so there's nothing that i can commit to him.We have just about kissed very passionately a couple of times and have decided never to go beyond that till I'm in this marriage!Right now we're just so very happy to be in love and are waiting to see if this relationship has any future?I didn't know there're more such couples in this world also!!!
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    Welcome to Ageless Love, Meinlove!

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    dornkrull Guest


    Hello group,
    I am a 43 year old male in California,looking for a relationship with a woman ,whom is older than myself.
    i joined this group,to get info,support,advice etc.....
    Thank you all

    Quote Originally Posted by whiterose View Post
    Welcome to Agelesslove, new members! Please take a moment and post a thread introducing yourself to the other members.

    If you need age gap support, be sure and check out the OW/YM or YW/OM or Same Sex AGR Relationship Support sections.

    We hope you like it here and that you get the support that you need!

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    BlueSkyS Guest

    Club 13


    I'm a 34 y-o woman dating a man 13 years younger than I. I'm also the mother of a sweet 12 y-o daughter.

    I'm happy to have found this site for it's support, examples of how great couples with age gap can really work out well.

    I've been reading the posts and find them really interesting and instructing. They've already started helping me see certain things differently.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences, ideas and thoughts. It really helps!!!

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    Welcome to Ageless!
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