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Thread: Hot Flashes

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    DebbieFromUtica Guest

    Hot Flashes

    My sister is 33 and is getting hot flashes, she is starting menopause at a very early age. They are so bad she can't sleep at night. Does anyone know of anything that can alleviate them? She is going through hell and I just figured there had to be something that would help.

    I hear there is a harmone patch but I am not sure of it's side affects.


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    Has she visited her GYN to ask for her doctor's opinion? And has she been diagnosed for certain with early menopause? I would think that she needs to make sure that other diagnoses have been ruled out.

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    DebbieFromUtica Guest
    She has been to the DR but not GYN yet. I am worried it is not menopause but her Internest seems to think it is menopause and I know my mom started menopause at a very young age.


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    DarcyWells Guest
    hi debbie,

    I am 38 and I have been getting hot flashes for over a year. My Dr. tells me it is unusual to start menopause in your 30's but it happens. I would say, make sure your sister follows through with her gyno to make sure that something else is not going on. Hot flashes affect some women worse than others. I have many nights where I can't sleep because of them. They go away for awhile, then they are back. They can be awful when they affect your sleep.

    I have heard several things that help, soy, vitamin e, harmone suppliments (careful), and others. My grandmother insists a cool enema before bed will make you sleep thru the night but I am not sure if that is helping the hot flashes or just causing extreme exhaustion have not tried that one yet but she swears by it.. I just don't know if I want too sleep that bad..

    If your sister finds a remedy, let me know. There are nights I would pay a 1000$ for a good night's sleep.

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    DebbieFromUtica Guest
    Hi Darcy,

    My sister has tried them all and nothing seems to work! She is becoming very Any suggestions for crankiness?????


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    Chatterbox Guest
    Hi Debbie -- A good night's sleep can do wonders for crankiness! I found total relief from the hot flashes/night sweats by using CimiWoman a brand name Black Cohosh manufactured by a company called Sanhelios. I'm being very specific because I have tried other Black Cohosh products and they just didn't work.

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    lencarol Guest
    Progesterone cream can help some women. Also evening primrose and vitex (chasteberry) are some things she can do on her own. Synthetic hormones do cause side effects, though there is a patch out there which has a yam component, supposed to give less side effects. I always like to refer to Dr. Chris Northrup and Dr. John Lee's (both gyns) books for women't health issues.

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    Flyer Guest
    I started menopause at age 42. Now, at 60, I'm post-menopausal but I still get severe hot flashes. In order to get a good night's sleep I have to take HRT. I took Premarin for years, but when I discovered it was made from the urine of pregnant horses who never lead a normal outdoor horse life, I stopped. Without claiming to be perfect in this regard, I try not to buy anything that promotes the abuse of animals. I tried black cohosh which helped but not enough. So, I talked it over with my doctor. Told him I wanted a natural estrogen replacement and now am taking Estradiol which is generic for Estrace. It's made from plants, and I am very happy with the results. As you probably know, we women as we get older tend to have difficulty lubricating enough during sex. Estradiol solves that problem beautifully.

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    Has she had her thyroid checked?

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    Patricia Guest

    I am so sorry for your sister if she is experiencing perimenopause at such a young age. I know a couple of women who started in their late 30's and were very surprised to find out.

    I am 59 and have suffered greatly from the symptoms of whatever stage it is that I am in. I use HRT; it is wonderful. I went off it once and had to go back on because I couldn't cope with the symptoms. I started back on with the low dose, but that didn't help enough, so now am back on full dose and am able to function normally again.

    I agree with the other posters that she really needs to talk to a couple of doctors to rule out any other medical problems. I am not sure if the regular hormone testing is really specific enough. There are a couple of threads on this issue. I think they are in the Health forum. Have you looked them up? They might be helpful.

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