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Thread: weight watchers?

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    adeladeb Guest

    weight watchers?

    I doubt anyone is on weight watchers, but I joined earlier this year, perhaps people would like to chat about it?

    I've gone on the WW message boards before, but some of those folks are *crazy*. So, since I come on these boards, I figured I'd ask.

    Moral support and recipe trades are always a good time .

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    cindee Guest
    Hi, adeladeb . . . . . Cindee here. I joined WW about six years ago. I felt my weight was out of control and I knew that my blood pressure and cholesterol were taking a hit.

    Through WW I met some wonderful ladies who became good friends. I think we clicked because we all could relate to the love of eating.

    Going to the weekly meetings was such a support and the fact that we had to weigh in was motivation to behave and eat sensibly. Actually I had tried many diets, but WW was the easiest and most successful plan for me. In one year I lost 55 lbs. I stayed with WW for just over a year, but due to my divorce, I took on a second job and could no longer attend meetings. I still think about everything I put in my mouth though and for the most part, I stay on track and have kept all of the weight off.

    Ultimately I'd like to lose a little more, or at least do some toning, but my experience with WW was most positive.

    I wish you the best of luck. YOU can do it!

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    Lovaholic Guest
    As a personal trainer I am often asked which of the many diet plans work. Well we al know we are what we eat & I am a huge fam of weight watchers. It is a sensible approach & much healthier compared to many of the "fad" diets. The group approach is also very good & it provides a much needed support team.

    Healthy diet & exercise is all you need.

    Oh and WILL POWER!!!

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