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Thread: Good couples game for YM/OM.

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    Good couples game for YM/OM.

    I'm a pretty intense gamer, despite the fact that I'm an OW. But i was thinking that there may be OW here that would like to enjoy some games with their YM but are newbies. My YM and I started a new game a few days ago I think may be a great game for new gamers and/or LDRs. If you have Xbox 360 and Xbox live, Diablo 3 with the expansion is on sale currently for 20.00. Great gear dropping and on "normal" difficulty this has been one of the easiest games we've played. Make sure the non-gamer is playing a demon hunter and learns the few controls needed and picks the right talents. If you guys out there want to get your lady to play games with you, this is a perfect opportunity. But don't be hurt they "pawn" you.

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    The only game my husband and I play together is Advanced Wars (Nintendo), which is an old strategy game. He likes wrestling games and I wont go there.
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