Hello all,
We are planning to purchase a new home, and we are really so excited and happy. But, since we do not have enough funds , we will have to depend on a mortgage, or home loan. But,we have many doubts , as in, what type of loan we could take, or what are the best interest rates, what would be the related costs etc, because this is our first time, and we really have no idea about these things. So, we were just looking online for more info on this, and found a blog, 6 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Needs To Ask Before Buying | Northwood Mortgage, where they are discussing about the answers to the basic questions every first time home buyer will have to ask, and I found it pretty helpful. I wanted to know about the credit score as well. What is considered to be a decent credit score to get a good scheme? And, what are the other things to be kept in mind? Please help with your valuable advices. Thank you so much for helping. !!