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Thread: Reporting a Post

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    MerAlove23 Guest

    Reporting a Post

    Hi Everyone!!!!

    This is just a reminder of a GREAT feature we have here!!

    As you all know Us Mods work, have kids, other things in our lives going on so we are not here 24 hours a day and with the amount of threads and posts sometimes we don't get to see everything or maybe we didn't perceive the post like you did. We would like you to take the few minutes to report the posts where you feel breaks the rules or if you were offended. The report features isn't always to report spam, underage, or swearing it's so much more and we rely on that and you guys.

    We assure you that your report will remain anonomous.

    THank you guys!!

    P.S. It's that triangle at the top right corner
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