I just felt it was overdue that I explain my mission (per se) as a new moderator. I wanted to explain because my style has not been the same to which people have become accustomed and some people have been upset over how they were moderated by me, because that not how it was "done in the past."

3. When discussing controversial subjects (such as those dealing with moral/political issues), members should make every effort to show courtesy to others who might not share their opinions. Any debate of a personal nature should be conducted by way of private messages rather than in the public forums. In all discussions (whether conducted publicly or privately), please remain polite; respecting other members and the community as a whole.
You'll probably notice that my biggest pet peeve is violations of Rule #3 and that I particularly tend to mention "Any debate of a personal nature should be conducted by way of private messages rather than in the public forums." as a reason for the moderation.

Recently, there have been people leaving the site because they feel that there is too much bickering in threads, hijacking of threads into debates and personal attacks.

I really, really want to try to keep those things to a minimum, so people feel safe posting both their problems AND feel safe posting their advice, suggestions and opinions - ESPECIALLY in the Relationship sections. I HATE seeing people leave Ageless because I really think it's a great place to be!!

So, please note the items bolded and in red in the above quote. These are things that I will be particularly paying attention to and for which I will show low tolerence. So don't be surprised, if you start berating another member for their advice or are rude, disrespectful or discourteous - whether intentional or not - that you will be moderated by me. Even if I agree with everything you said! I will usually ask the member who started the thread how they feel about it before I moderate comments directed at them.

Because I am determined to also not play favorites nor start censoring people's true opinions. I will never moderate anyone simply because I don't agree with them!!

So, please, especially if you are participating in a thread where someone needs advice, try not to debate people about their advice. Just give your own advice, to counter their advice, without commenting on the other advice given. If you start a debate about the advice, and take the thread off track, I will moderate the thread to eliminate the debate. I will, however, make every effort to keep advice you've given to the OP intact.

And if you feel that a post is rude, discourteous or disrespectful, do not take matters into your own hands. Please report the post and I'll take it VERY seriously!!

I hope this explains better where I'm coming from and helps alieviate the surprise people have had recently when I moderate them!

And because I am not starting a debate about general moderation practices here and only trying to explain where I'm coming from, I am closing this thread for comments right away.

if you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE don't hesitate to PM me!!