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Thread: How to use the chet room?

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    Devil Raptor B Guest

    How to use the chet room?

    Im feeling bored and have nothing to do here but to visit the threads and see what ppl have to say,and if i made a new one it would be dead in no time,so i was wondering about the chatroom,but i dont know how to use it,can anyone help? please? what else is there in this site?

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    Devil Raptor B Guest

    then what?

    i did that,but then there is a blue space.

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    Chatterbox Guest
    Sorry, Devil, I don't know why the chatroom doesn't pull up for you.

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    Devil Raptor B Guest
    what thing can i use beside the chatroom? i only know about the forums?

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    Bodhi Tree Guest
    You can count the screen names of the members. How many start with an A, B, C, D etc .....

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