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Thread: Chat Room

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    Ed369 Guest

    Chat Room

    I have looked inside the chat room a couple of times but there never seems to be many people around so I promptly leave! It might not be a bad idea if there were times when a general chat was hosted or have a specific night for ow/ym or om/yw. Just a suggestion as it would be a good way of getting to know some of the posters on this site.

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    coloradogrrrl Guest
    I agree. That would be a great idea!

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    Ed369 Guest
    Well who else would like to meet up on Friday/Sat evening in the chat room?

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    Hi Ed, we used to do that some time ago, and then eventually stopped because of lack of attendance. In fact, I had a YW/OM chat scheduled last week and only one other person besides me was able to come. So, I don't mind doing that as long as we have people willing to commit to attending.

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    L.wolf Guest
    i see what you mean... i've been sat in the chatroom for a good while, and nobody else has seemingly come anywhere near it

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    Mr.Chef Guest
    well, instead of just talking and complaining about it..Why dont we set up a time and day to have a good chat in the chatroom? anyone?

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    Mr.Chef Guest
    Is it just me or everytime you go into the has the Jetson's theme song playing for your entrance?

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