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Thread: trolls and weinies and boneheads oh my!

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    trolls and weinies and boneheads oh my!

    I'm curious-based on my recent experience with a member (now banned)-

    How does it happen? This person had made nasty comments to another poster before I got into it with him/her-what tipped the scales and got the moderator(s) involved....
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    If the mods or I come across a post in which the poster has broken the rules, we address that with them. And as I recall, that's what happened in this case. A moderator found the posts and put 2+2 together and determined they were trolling. She took action and banned the person involved.

    Interestingly, I think only one person reported that poster's posts. So, if that one person hadn't posted it, and the mods or I hadn't seen the posts in question, then we wouldn't have known what was going on to be able to take action.

    So, I always encourage our members to familiarize themselves with the process for reporting a post. It's the little red triangle in the post window. Once you click that, a new box will open up where you can describe why you feel the post breaks the rules. Then the mods and I are notified of the reported post.

    I'm not sure this answers your questions. If not, shoot me a PM and we can talk about it further.

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