I often read with interest the posts about relationship ups and downs for the ageless members, mostly in "relationship support". But often, there is a problem. Posters do not always tell us sufficiently much information about themselves and the history of their relationships, to make a post meaningful for all readers and to make it possible for the reader to give help (if help was requested).
As a member, I can't remember every single ageless poster and her/his relationship history.

Often, more information can be found in earlier posts by the same user, so it is understandable that people don't want to repeat their entire life and relationship history in every single post. But it is time consuming, sometimes almost impossible, for a reader to browse "Find all posts by this user" and "Find all threads by this user", in particular for productive posters who have hundreds or thousands of posts on various matters.

I wish we could do something to improve on this situation and simplify for the readers. But I don't really know what could or should be done. Is it possble to collect the most important posts containing data about a member and her/his relation at a particular place in the profile of the member? Or do you have any other suggestions?