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Thread: hungry for response

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    cindy fur Guest

    hungry for response

    Cindy Fur posted a question in Long Distance Relationships on 12/9/09. I really need some feedback. Thanks:

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    Yeni Guest
    I saw your post. and did comment on how it was very very similar to another post that was made on this forum

    I guess you are going to receive the same advice that person received if you are not the same person.

    If he hasnt said I love you, I would not be asking for a ring. I think seriously that you two need to sit down together and work out just where the relationship is going and how genuine his feelings for you are.

    Once you have that established and if he does love you but just is not comfortable saying those words then and only then can commitment be approached.


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    I just re-read your post cindyfur and it has red flags all over it. No man should only tell you they love you during lovemaking. To some men this means "I love how this makes me feel" rather than genuine feelings towards you. Some people are more touchy-feeling and lovey-dovey than others, but he should tell you he loves you out loud. Most men will show their feelings in public as well, in little ways and two years in you should have gotten an "I love you" more than once by now. If he was serious about you, you'd know it. He is not on the same page as you, and I hate to say it but this relationship is headed towards a break-up. I get the feeling he's playing around. Whether he's in another relationship or not, I can't say, but he's not really into you. I'm sorry

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    southrnboysgirl Guest
    I suggest you go back to your original post and read ALL the responses you received:

    Should I ask?

    You may wish you hadn't once you read through them. If you looked up red flag in Wikipedia, you might see a picture if yu bf The boy has lotsa 'splainin to do

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