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Thread: Impossible to log out???

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    Impossible to log out???

    I saw some users claim that only registered users can read "Sexually speaking" and I wanted to check this by logging out and see if I could read "Sexually speaking" without logging in first.

    But I couldn't do this check, because it is in practice impossible to log out effectively! If I log out, and then click at any link at ageless, I get automatically logged in again, without writng my username and password anywhere!

    Why is there such a strange behaviour, and how can I get rid of it? After all, I don't want that anyone who use my computer and click on ageless should get automatically logged in at my account.
    Odd Even

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    Try clearing your internet cookies and see if that still happens.

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    after cleaning out your cookies, make sure all your browsers are closed, especially if you are using IE6, 7 or 8. Some applications on your PC will open a phantom browser that you don't see a window for. You can find them by pressing control-alt-deletem click the processes tab, then click image name once or twice to sort them alphabetically. If you see any 'iexplore.exe' highlight and click "end process".

    This is because IE 6+ is so far integrated into the windows XP, Vista and Win7 OS/kernel.

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