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Thread: A minor nitpick when trying to scroll down.

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    A minor nitpick when trying to scroll down.

    Since this new forum update I have noticed if my mouse cursor is over a post when I try to scroll down the post itself will scroll down rather than the page. So I have to move my mouse cursor to the outside. It is really annoying. If you could change it it would be grand!
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    I haven't checked in for a while and I have to agree. The scrolling within individual posts feature is really annoying. As you scroll down the page, individual posts scroll up within their individual 'boxes' so as you scroll down the page, you actually are missing the text of individual posts that are scrolled up.

    It is time consuming to stop at each and every post to see if a chunk of the text has been hidden due to scrolling.

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    I have noticed it too and it is annoying to have to scroll back up (or down?) in each individual post to uncover the text when all you wanted to do was scroll the page down! But what's funny when I started reading this thread is that Azureth's post scrolled up within his post and hid his text as I scrolled the page down while Science Goddess's post did not. Weird!

    EDIT: And when I scrolled the page down as I read my post just now, my post didn't scroll up to hide text. Wonder what causes it to happen on some posts and not others??
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