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Thread: OMG I am so PO'd @ him right now

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    OMG I am so PO'd @ him right now

    Lovey isn't one of those seniors who are tech-averse, but there are differences in the way we use technology and many of those differences are generational. For example, people who are peer-aged to him are are more prone to download crap to protect their phones or computers, for instance.

    Because of his memory issues (related to multiple concussions in his youth, and being on chemo), we do have kind of a "tech safety net" consisting of such things as: each of us has the same model smartphone, and I try to make sure we use the same apps. That way, when he has a problem I know how to fix it.

    We share use of the same desktop PC so that when he has problems with the browser or the OS, I know what the he's talking about *or* he can show me and I can figure it out without having to familiarize myself with someone else's customized settings. We do not disable the "remember my password" feature in windows or the web browser. When prompted, I opt out of that feature on my accounts. It isn't fail safe, because there's *always* That One Box Somewhere that you didn't tick/untick, that remembers a password when you didn't want it to.

    Today, thanks to those settings and his propensity for downloading anything that says it'll protect the computer, he somehow got into my google+ profile and changed the email address associated to it. Seriously. I didn't know that could *be* done. I couldn't do it on purpose if I tried, and I cannot seem to figure out how to undo it.

    He doesn't understand why I'm so po'd. My web-based student email is one of the accounts my google+ profile is linked to. I can't "just request a new email address" and make a new google+ profile; I've got no way to get into my student email and reassign it to a new google+ account. As soon as I started to explain this to him, he was lost. I may as well have been speaking a foreign language. It will take me hours to figure out whether or not I can undo this, and I'm PO'ed.

    I cannot count the times I've told him: when you're using the computer and you get frustrated, don't download new stuff. Stop. Walk away. Ask me for help. It's ok to wake me up if I'm asleep, to help you with this.

    What's got me more PO'd than anything is the new email address he created, because he couldn't get into the account he was trying to access. is a variation of the skeevy, pick-up line email address he used back in the day, on the dating sites. That, right there, flips my switch.

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    Wow, how frustrating, I hope you can recover your access to your student email and stuff.
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    I Googled how to add or change email addresses in your Google account and found the following instructions:

    To edit (or add) your alternate email address:

    1. Sign into My Account.
    2. Under "Personal Info & privacy", select Your personal info.
    3. Choose Email.
    4. Under "Other emails", select Edit.
    5. Type in a new email address, or remove unwanted email addresses.
    6. Select Save.

    Tell him to be very careful downloading things from the Internet. The "we have something to fix errors on your computer" line is the oldest one in the book. More people succumb to viruses or maleware because of that trick.

    One day I let my guard down and opened a word attachment to an unknown email. Before I knew it my computer was slower than mud. It took forever just to open a text file in Notepad. Then common programs stopped working and I went to the program folder to find that the files were gone! They were renamed to some cryptic names and the new files were binary. I had contracted the Kryptlock virus, a type of ransom-ware that encrypts all files on your hard drive and directs you to a web site that demands payment to un-encrypt them... usually hundreds of dollars. Thinking fast, I installed MalewareBytes, a program I use all the time to stop viruses and maleware. It stopped the virus just in time to save my most vital files, and before it attacked the network.

    The moral of the story is don't open or download unknown files. You are asking for trouble!
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