First of all let me introduce myself. I live in Colorado and am a 58 year old medical professional. Look early to mid-forties easy. After a 20 year old marriage went bad and having no children of my own I wished to sponsor a disadvantaged young person. I chose a 22 year old young woman who currently is incarcerated in a midwest prison. Why? She has great potential to make it big. I support her needs and pay for college classes which she makes the deans list. After several letters were exchanged she started calling me almost daily now for the allowed 15 minutes. I was so enchanted I flew out to meet her. She is the most beautiful, charming, and intelligent young lady I ever met in my life. Growing up with a father who sexually abused her and a drug addicted mother. Was a stripper, prostituted herself, and is in for robbery until 04/18. Yes she has daddy issues and etc. With my experience with people being a healthcare professional she has blossomed into the most beautiful butterfly from a frayed moth. Yes she obviously is scared and wants security and you don't have to warn me about being used. I am as street wise as they come from being a hard youth who turned the corner in life. Honestly? If I just make her into a success I'm happy and that is/was the original intention. Here lies the problem. Were both exactly what we have always wanted. This i know. Does her past bother me? No it really doesn't. She is a product of a horrible upbringing. I/we are both going insane fighting the urge to be together in the future. She really does need a trusting father figure and I need something to love so I don't feel so empty inside. There is a reason for everything. Nothing happens by coincidence. She wants to be together and get married. Why? She has never had so much positive attention in her life. And through counseling by me she see what an absolutely beautiful person she really is. In all honesty i don't want to rob her of a full life with someone her own age and have told her that. No matter what happens I will support her for the rest of her life. Be a friend and support system. I believe that God put her in my life because I'm what she needs at this time in her life. I know this and most likely will just be a support system. Funny how the most wonderful person you ever met in your life comes at the wrong time. But I'm changing a life and that is all that matters. Its just so hard. She is the female version of me. She has the most wonderful personality and just is so beautiful.