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Thread: OW/YM Marriage

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    YNGRMan Guest

    Question OW/YM Marriage

    I posted earlier, but I don't think it was too clear. Has anyone here married with the age difference? As OW/YM. And how long have you/friend been married?

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    There's a few people up in the Long Term Relationship thread that are married. You should check that out.

    My guyy and I are planning on it. He's 24 and I'm 37. We both have kids already though, so we don't have the issue as you do in your other thread.

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    ndngal Guest

    been there...

    What I want to say is that as an o/w, we want more because our biological clocks are ticking and we don't want to lose out if we want to have kids with a y/m. With me, our age difference bothered me more than him but when he was around his family, he teased me about being his sugar momma and I did not like that. He was too immature to think about the future. He did not have a job or educated enough. He could not even spell and yet he was mr. know it all... I feel sorry for the next person who is going to waste her time on him.

    But for you, I know that we o/w do not feel threaten when a y/m man wants out. We have to move on and continue to live especially if we are too independent which I am. I don't depend on anyone to do for me. I would have made the best of it but it did not happen. We broke up a few times and we did say, "This time it's for good" but then we end up together again. So for you, she sounds mature and ready to make the best of what you two have. I always said that no relationship is going to be successful without problems. Each trial and error is another lesson learned for both individuals... This is one thing he did not understand and refused to do. He came into my life wanting an o/w as his mate but he also wanted to control someone. Once he knew his control could not work with me, he skipped out but that is his lost and someone else's gain...

    Good luck! Give her a chance or move on and this time remember, you have to do together in order for it to work. I found out that y/m cannot communicate what they want and just follow until they end up in a bind. So ask for what you want before you end up being uphappy again with the next one. Are you going to seek another o/w???

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    Roseilicious Guest
    He's 36, and I'm soon to be 44. Married for 16 months.

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    marcy Guest
    I am 37 and he is 19. We are married since Feb 18, 2005.

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    Cinderella Guest
    Married since October 4, 2003---together since August 12, 2000.

    I am 43 and my husband is 31.

    Happy? Yes, couldn't be happier. It can in any relationship.

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    ravenglow Guest
    Hi Melodee!!!!

    OP, sorry Im not in a relationship at all let alone married...but I do date younger men when I date. Im 37. I think it can work like any other relationship; people of all ages even without a gap probably disagree on when to have a baby.

    I think Id look into something like having her eggs/embryos or whatever frozen. I read a little bit about it, and if nothing else it would buy some time right? When you feel comfortable and the union is stable and all signs are GO, maybe you could thaw and implant?!
    I dont know anything about it, just a suggestion really---Ive got one child and he's about to turn 13. Im a single mom and I dont want anymore children but I think if you two are serious but you want to be cautious about jumping into things then maybe a visit together to some fertility type doctors is in order.
    Basically it reassures her, shows her youre serious and only concerned about timing. Whaddya think?

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    me just turned 46 and my husband just turned 25.

    all i can say is that i love him. i thought men like him didnt exist.

    he loves me, truly, finds a way to call me even when in the mountains of afghanistan on my birthday.

    he is the only one i can ever imagine loving for the rest of my life, no one compares to him.

    he calls me his baby, his little mouse, i call him my big moose. yes, these marriages are real and do work, we will be married one year in june, together for four.

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    I'm 39, he's 23. We've known each other for two years, been a couple for 20 months and have been in marital heaven since December, 2004. "Happy" doesn't even begin to describe the joy we've found in each other.

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    jeralyn Guest

    Married OW/YM

    My man and I have a 15 year age gap. He was 20 and I was 35 when we got married. We will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this Tuesday :-)


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    cindee Guest

    Thumbs up Wow !!

    You all give me hope . . . what a wonderful site . . . thanks !!

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    Buffeaut Guest
    Very inspiring instances of optimism. Cool!!

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    Kat Guest
    This is why I love this place! Not only does it give me the freedom to enjoy the relationship I'm in, but knowing it could be long term is nice.

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    Moby Dick Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderella
    I am 43 and my husband is 31.
    That'll be my wife and I in, oh... 4 and a half years.

    Married since May 2002.

    I am 24, my wife is 36.

    Never been happier. We also have a beautiful 21-month-old 'baby'-girl, which makes everything even more complete.

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    MissGigl Guest
    I'm 35 and my DH is 23. We've had 1 year and 3 months of blissful marriage and are expecting a baby in June.

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