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Thread: Happy OW/YM Stories

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    Happy OW/YM Stories

    A thread on the YW/OM side gave me this idea.

    So many sad stories, how about the happy ones? The ones that are working out?

    Let's give a little boost of confidence to those contemplating a relationship....

    I'll start.

    .................................................. ....................................

    I have only had relationships with older men. It averages out to be about 5 years. I was married for 16 years and have 2 boys, ages 14 and 12. I had been in a relationship for 2 1/2 years with an rekindled "old flame", but wasn't having the happy ending that I'd hoped for. He was alcoholic and we fought about it constantly. We seemed to be on the verge of breaking up or making up, but fate intervened and one night, last year, we were mugged in the alley behind his house and he was murdered by the robbers.

    A couple of months before this happened, I was without "F" in my local tavern (after yet another argument) and a young guy struck up a conversation with me. He was in his early 20's, with tattoos on his neck, a shaved head and hiphop-type clothing. I didn't think anything of it. Everyone who came into the tavern knew I was F's girlfriend and wouldn't dare hit on me. (F was a bad@ss former Marine who still looked the part & had a temper.)

    Pretty soon, this guy was asking me out. I'd ask him if he knew who my bf was and did he have a deathwish? He said he didn't care. He said that I was beautiful and smart and deserved to be treated better than my bf treated me. I asked him what he found attractive about a middle aged, overweight mother of two? He told me that I was very attractive and even if I wasn't, he cares about what is inside more than on the outside. He even went so far as to sit next to me and F one night and strike up a conversation. F didn't like this one bit and was very rude without justification. Unhappy as I was in the current situation, I used to hope for this guy to come in when I was there alone - or with F. He made me feel special and I was flattered by the attention, but I never thought it would go anywhere.

    Well, after F died, I found out that he told his ex wife and his brother's wife that he was going to leave me and try to work things out with her. That broke my heart. After all I had done for him.... Even though he was dead, I felt more like I had been dumped. It still does.

    Jeremy came in one night a few weeks after the funeral. We started talking. He had been away and had just heard what had happened. I was kinda tipsy and was looking for a shoulder to lean on. I never expected this kid to be there for me. But the attraction was still there. He told me that he felt bad about what happened, but that he didn't feel any differently about the situation between F and I.

    Much later that night, we ended up at a hotel. I had never before gone "home" with someone I picked up in a bar! I guess I was just seeking comfort, but Jeremy looked at me and said, "If this is just a one night thing for you, I'm stopping right now. I really think you are special and I want to know you take it seriously." Well, that totally took me by surprise. We ended up talking for quite a while and in the end, I decided that this guy was something special, too.

    After that, we were inseperable. It only took a couple of weeks before Jeremy admitted to me that he loved me. He said he was in love with me from the first moment he laid eyes on me. He actually had been going into the bar regularly just to see if I was there! He was about ready to give up on anything ever happening when fate intervened.

    That's when I first came to Agelesslove. I was so insecure and was curious if anyone else had gone through this. After reading many of the threads, I felt a lot better. After a few more weeks, I realized that this man was everything I had ever hoped for. We are more alike than anyone I know. He has never disappointed me. I can be thinking about something and will think, "Nah, he's probably just like every other guy I met and wouldn't see this the way I do." And two seconds later, he will say just what I was thinking, because he was thinking it, too!

    Everything that I've ever dreamed, in my most romantic dreams, have come true with this man. We share so many of the same philosophies, ideas, dreams, thoughts, humor, romantic ideals and enjoyments that it is scary sometimes. My family thinks he's great and his family loves me, as well. Our kids like us respectively and each other. My youngest has already expressed liking the idea of having a younger sister. He loves playing with her and giving her piggyback rides.

    We have been together 4 years now and we are just as much, if not more, in the honeymoon "phase" as we were on day one. We were married July 22nd, 2007 & had a baby together October 22, 2006!

    I have no more doubts. I can't, in my wildest dreams, see feeling any different about him or him about me. I feel so secure in this relationship like I haven't felt since my first husband (Jeremy being the second). And I can't see it changing at all.

    I hope this will be an inspiration to those who may think, "Can it ever work?"
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    *S* nice idea kristin...and thanks for sharing your story. seems in a lot of ways, your life has turned around!

    married! 3rd time...finally happy. before coming into this relationship, i felt dead...the proverbial "is this all there is?"
    i met my now husband on the internet. i was married at the time, and was not looking, thought i was happy .... nor was the person i was talking to looking(he had sworn off of relationships) *shrug*. but in talking to my new friend, i realized i wasn't happy and i decided alone was better then being lonely with divorce #2 happened. it was just a leap of faith for me that the universe would take me to where i needed to be..

    after my divorce, we decided to meet. we had an age difference of 18 years. we were from different continents...but some things one just has to follow through on with just faith. we hit it off as well in person, as we did on the internet. the love was was before, it will always be. for the first time...we were "home" again. the relationship was long distance for 2 year, this past september he immigrated to the states, we were married in october. i don't think either of us has ever been happier..

    summary...follow your heart, don't settle, dreams can come true

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    Cinderella Guest
    Well I first met my husband when he was 18 and I was 30. He came to work where I work as summer help. His father also works there, so at the time he was "a kid of somebody I worked with". Although, I did think he was really cute.

    Fast forward a few years and he is hired full time to work at our office. I have little contact with him but still think he is quiet and shy and till incredibly cute.

    I am married this whole time. It is my second marriage and he also works where I do. I bid a job to go to nights to make our life at home better by being on the same schedule and being able to spend more time together. Well, after a while I realize that it wasn't opposite schedules that kept us apart. My husband loved softball, fishing and at the end a woman named Debbie more than me and a life to share with me.

    When I bid the night job, I became partnered with my LS (now my husband), we became friends. We work a job that we are pretty much dependent on each other and it is a two person job. We talked and got to be good friends but he was never flirtatious nor anything but friendly.

    As my marriage and life as I knew it unraveled he was there to watch me fall apart and was kind and helpful and supportive. I was glad to have such a friend and coworker. Some nights I may not have made it through without knowing I could be me no matter what and it would be ok. Sounds strange but it was nice to know if I didn't want to say a word all night he could understand and let me alone when I needed it.

    Finally, my ex husband to be said his parents were buying him a house and he was leaving but he wasn't sure he wanted a divorce. I said if you are going and buying a house we are getting divorced. I filed for divorce in January of 2002 after about a year or year and a half of hanging on to the marriage. In February, LS said to me, "If you will give me a chance, I will show you how you ought to be treated."

    Well, I was afraid to ruin a great friendship and work relationship by dating and it not working. He convinced me that it would I went out to dinner for Valentines Day with him and we have been together ever since. The day after the first date, I called my mom and she asked "How is Cinderella this morning?" Hence, the name on here.

    We got engaged in October of 2002 and got married on October 4, 2003. We had a wonderful first real wedding and wedding gown. He told me I deserved the princess dress I always had dreamed of and I had it. It was a perfect day....and now we have a pretty perfect life.

    We are probably one of the few couples that don't feel a need for alone time. He is my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my husband, my everything.....We work together every day, spend just about all our off time together and hate to be apart.

    I have finally found my Prince took me till I was 41 years old and I am not going to waste a minute of the rest of my life. I want to love and be happy with my husband forever.

    We have our issues but none are age gap related they are normal relationship issues and nothing that is earth shattering. We are perfect together.....when his mom found out we were dating she said she had always prayed for him to find someone and when she found out he was with me she no longer felt the need to pray for him .....she knew he had found the one.

    I too have found the one. The one that completes me. The one I was destined to be with. The forever love.

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    Awww...see - happy endings!

    Come on ladies and gentlemen, I know there are more stories out there. Share!

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    GoldieCat Guest

    Talking Happy stories? Ok... :)

    Ok, well, the short version is that I was married to someone 11 years older for 15 years, and eventually saw a number of ways in which that situation would never give me what I wanted, so I left. Having been an online gamer for a number of years, I met a YM (15 years younger) from Sweden (in a magical way that would be hard to believe if it weren't true), and thereby was introduced to the OWYM relationship. We did visit each other in our respective countries, and it was in many ways a lot of fun and a major turning point for my consciousness, but he was only a beacon along the way to a real destination.

    2-1/2 years ago, after some unsatisfying local dating (I lived in Boston at the time), I met my current love (13 years younger) online. He wrote to me (we were 800 miles apart), and I could tell there was something special and intriguing about him right away (besides the fact that he had a particular type of cuteness that I'd preferred ever since I was about 5 years old...I can prove that too). And, we were both interested in OWYM relationships, having each experienced positives in them before. We began writing a LOT, in frequency, quantity, and most importantly, quality!

    It was winter, so we didn't meet IRL until 5 months after first writing. It was still frigid cold anyway, nevermind that June was 3 days away...but we had a WONDERFUL time. We've been inseparable ever since - especially once he moved in over a year and a half ago. (Then we moved to the midwest a year ago to meet economic goals and for family reasons.) During our first meeting we made long-term plans that would shock most people with their speed and certainty. Almost everything works out for us exactly as we plan it...and he has been the most supportive, best listening, helpful, understanding, loving, cooperative, generous man ever! He's extremely intelligent and educated, really gets things done...and did I mention CUTE?

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    Hot4Ryan Guest

    We've Only Just Begun...

    I spent 12 years following a divorce... single-mommying a wonderful daughter... and dating sporadically... all the while, realizing that I wanted the next time I'd marry to be the last. Sure, I let loneliness have too much control of my dating decisions sometimes... but overall, I maintained extreme selectivity when it came to a big commitment. A few years after I'd truly reached the point of being HAPPILY single...

    Along came Ryan!

    It was July of '03 and I had just stumbled upon a poetry website. I shared a few poems... and perused the poetry of other site members. One day, a poem caught my eye. It was a very simple and pure poem, yet intricately woven. Odd as it seems, I noticed in myself a spark of recognition. Something told me, "the guy who wrote this is a very deep person". As a little more time went by, I noticed more posts by the author of the poem. I saw how many encouraging comments he made to other writers... how he always found positive things to comment about on other people's writings. I observed how articulate he was... and how genuine he seemed. I just knew he was the kind of person I would love to have as a friend. Funny though, I estimated he was probably 20-21 years old, judging from his posts.

    Turned out... Ryan was a high school senior, 17 years old. I discovered this after he had sent me a private message that led to daily conversation which hasn't subsided since. We became great friends and began emailing and talking on the phone every day. It struck me one day as Ryan was sharing stories with me about some of his world travels (he is very well-traveled!) just how generous he is with his time and his self. It amazed me that he was choosing to spend so much of his time sharing with a woman 19 years older and halfway across the country. And I was enjoying every minute of him!

    Many many hours of phone conversation later... I was keenly aware that Ryan possesses the qualities I'd been looking for in a relationship. I adore his honesty, sincerity, his quick wit (which NEVER makes fun at another person's expense!), his intellect, his patience, his optimism, and on and on and on!...

    At some point, we realized that each of us wanted to meet the other. Not long after Ryan's 18th birthday (which was coincidentally my 37th birthday too... LOL), I found myself driving the 3,000 miles round trip... four times in six months!... staying as long as month in one visit! We realized just how inseparable we really are.

    To make a short story long...

    Ryan and I married in March this year... and we have a baby girl coming... possibly as soon as the 23rd of this month! (I say possibly... due date is actually June 6, however, I've developed gestational diabetes therefore the doc is considering bringing her out a bit early).

    Ryan is finishing up his Spring semester at university now, and will be relocating from Maryland to Texas on the 21st of May... cutting a little close to delivery day! LOL

    We are both ecstatic about all these positive changes... our new life together... the opportunity to parent together (very grateful... since I had fertility issues). My 15-year-old daughter admires Ryan alot and seems happy with everything too!

    If I were to dream up my perfect "soulmate"... the dream would fall short of what Ryan brings to the table in our relationship! I consider myself extremely lucky!


    PS: Of all the funny little coincidences Ryan and I share... I actually HAD tried to dream up what my "soulmate" would be like... I wrote a poem to describe what the feeling would be (I'll paste it below)... yes, I posted it on that poetry site I mentioned previously... and less than 2 weeks later... along Ryan came - exceeding the "soulmate" in my composition! He was easy to recognize!

    Anam Cara (Six Chapters)

    ~~> my soulmate is...

    The 'X' on a treasure map
    I found in a bottle.

    ~~> affirmations I've found my soulmate

    My primal compulsion
    is to be with you...
    to make love to your
    body, your mind,
    and your soul.
    My instinct is
    to listen to you,
    to speak to you,
    and to love you,
    without the use of language.

    The beautiful layer
    beneath all this
    is the trust we have
    in each other
    and in the durability
    of our friendship.

    ~~> our origin as soulmates

    We were frenzied lovers
    in a past life,
    for whatever reason,
    we were made to wait
    until our ribbons
    would entwine again
    in the masterful tapestry
    of this dimension.

    ~~> gifts between soulmates

    You are to me
    what the Sun was
    to the Phoenix...
    basking in your presence,
    I am reborn
    from my own ashen heart.

    I am to you
    what Medea was
    to Jason...
    your devoted champion,
    I'll give you loving support
    greater than that of
    your team of Argonauts
    and I'll help you steal
    the golden fleece
    to keep you
    out of harm's way.

    We are to each other
    as were Cupid and Psyche...
    I'm pierced through the heart
    and for a glimpse of you
    I'd give my life
    without realizing
    that your unfaltering love
    will make me a goddess immortal.

    You sing to my spirit...
    sometimes with
    your splendorous voice,
    but all the time
    as your selfless person.
    I am able to accept
    the gift of yourself
    and give all myself in return.
    Love is our religion,
    and our perpetual goal.

    ~~> the union of souls

    We share a deep
    unexplainable resonance
    between our two souls
    that leaves those around us
    And our connection exists
    within a prismatic
    and kinetic bubble that
    disregards time or distance.

    ~~> the irony of my soulmate

    You make me whole again -
    and in the first place.
    I am so hungry for you...
    and yet
    so satisfied by you.
    You accept me
    and yet, you evoke
    change in me.

    A day without you
    feels like a lifetime...
    and while I crave you
    for a lifetime...
    I take comfort in knowing
    I am blessed that
    our paths crossed again
    even if for only one
    ephemeral moment.

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    Hey, I was wondering when you'd post H4R! Thanks for sharing!

    Now, where is Jo and Marcy and The Hedgehogs and...??

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    Hot4Ryan Guest
    Hey, I was wondering when you'd post H4R! Thanks for sharing!

    Now, where is Jo and Marcy and The Hedgehogs and...??
    The thread was a great idea, Kristin! Thanks!

    And yeah... where is everybody??

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    skylark Guest

    New here, but long-term OW-YM

    I met my husband 13 years ago when I was 43 and he was newly 33. It was a thunderclap for both of us. We were married a little over two years later.
    We did have to reconcile issues of children, his family's expectations, etc. and we have been together 13 years despite our age difference. I still worry about kids and age sometimes when I want to be anxious.

    I strayed a few years ago with a man who was my contemporary in a very complicated, devastating set of circumstances.

    Our marriage somehow survived the craziness and a lot of other stuff. My husband is very good looking, successful and in the prime of his life. Me, I am now post-menopausal and despite exercise, diet, and other age-defying attempts, I am getting older. but we still are very attracted to one another and share a view of the world, a lot of laughs and tears. I do occasionally worry about young, smooth-skinned fertile women in mini-skirts who flirt audaciously with him, but I would probably have that worry if we were contemporaries. I don't always live this, but why not enjoy what you have now and not worry about what may not happen? Spoken like a true grasshopper.

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    skylark...welcome and thanks for your story!

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    I always like to tell the story of my youngest brother. At the age of 23, he married his wife who is 12 years older than him. In addition to age gap issues, they also have cultural differences. She is originally from Puerto Rico and he is from the US. But, those differences never caused a problem for them, and in fact, they value those differences.

    They never had children of their own, but she has 3 from her first marriage. My brother has been an excellent father figure for them.

    They have been married now for over 20 years. Just last week, I had the opportunity to ask him if the age gap was ever an issue for them and he said "never". They are very happy and definitely appear to be in it for the long haul.

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    Andra Guest


    I just found this site, so this is my first posting. I am glad people are posting happy stories, and since I think mine is relatively happy, I decided to share it. It feels strange to do this because I didn't talk about this relationship before.
    OK...we met almost six years ago, I was 31 and he was 20. I was at the end of horrible marriage, trying to get a divorce and back in college to finish a degree. My ex-husband was the typical alcoholic (I have several restraining orders now to summ this up) and I didn't have many friends because of this. The only good thing that came out of this marriage is my son, who is nine now. Before this marriage, my life was very complicated, I lived in three countries and felt I had experiences to fill 100 years .
    I met J. in one of the classes I was attending, and thought he looked too young to be in college. He was very shy and I had no clue that he was attracted to me. He started Emailing me, first school related than more personal, but since this kind of relationship seemed impossible for me, I thought he just enjoyed my "witt". When he asked me out it struck me, and I felt guilty (flattered also). I said no, right away, and stopped the Email thing, telling him that he is too young for me, etc. He was really depressed so I joked "maybe in five years". He said, OK, I will wait. He continued to Emailed me periodically, occasionally reminding me jokingly that he is doing the count-down (four years, six months more to go...(. Meanwhile I was in the middle of the divorce, extremly nasty, money problems all over the place, two jobs, taking care of my son alone, you get the picture. I had an attempt to have another relationship but it didin't work out. So I also decided to realy end this Email thing with J. since I didn't want to play games with him. I told him I would like to talk to him and we went out for dinner, where I explained the whole thing: I'm older, have a child, many other experiences, I am not a very nice person after all...In a nutshell, I really wanted to end this and he understood. He didn't contact me anymore for a long time. Somehow, I found out after a while that he got really sick after that night (now we joke about it : I threaten to leave him and he starts acting sick...) and was in the hospital for a while. So I Emailed him to ask if he is OK and we started talking again. Somehow, there was a moment, one day, when I allowed myself to see how I carried with me all the images of what I am "supposed" to be and decided not to do that anymore. I thought what the heck, it will be good for him and maybe for me, too. So I started dating him, thinking it will be really short , a fling. It was great. Sexually also. Two years later, we are still together, somehow in the closet for most people.
    At that point, I decided to move to another state for a Ph.D and got really insecure and confused with the realtionship, again. I moved alone and, again, he gets sick. It's really funny but it's true. I didn't know about it this time. It took six months for me to realize that I really love him and want to be with him. So I called him and he came across the country to live with me again. He was still sick (he has an autoimmune disease agravated by stress) and the first months were awkward, like a new relationship, both good and bad. However, I knew when I called him that I would never leave him again and I decided to have the courage to be with him in all the aspects of my life, not only in the closet. We are together now, getting married this year, in a house we just got together. He is great with my son, too. What can I say, it took a very long time for me to realize that being mature was not what I thought a few years ago. Is it easy now? No, of course, we have our good and bad days but every day ends good, no fights. I learned to let go, to cherish differences, to accept. I still get panic attacks when I look at my wrinkles or think of him surrounded by younger women at work, but I just watch myself when I feel that way and let these feelings go, like clouds on the sky. Hey, life is really good, J. was the greatest gift I got and it took me forever to accept it. Now I make sure he knows this. The future? Who knows. We are getting married (nothing too big), but before that, it's Friday today and it's great to go home and know that somebody who really loves you is there for you.
    Hope some of the women out there who feel like I did, stop being insecure and just enjoy it and work at it .
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    MissGigl Guest
    I mostly lurk on this site but I have a story.

    About 4 years ago I met my now husband in an online game called Everquest. At the time, I was living with my (now) ex-boyfriend and had been for almost 8 years. I knew that relationship was on it's last legs, but I remained faithful and became friends with my now husband, Sebastien. It seemed like we would just be friends at the beginning. He was in France, I was in the US and he was 19 and I was 31. At first it never occurred to me that it could turn into more. About 3 months into the friendship we exchanged pictures and before I opened the file I had to remind myself that I wasn't going to be disappointed if I didn't find him appealing because we were just friends. That was my first clue that other feelings might be developing. I opened the picture he emailed and my heart flipped. He wasn't just appealing he was HOT. WAY TOO HOT for me in my opinion. I was a bit sad because I thought for sure he would see me and realize the age difference was a dealbreaker.

    But it wasn't. In fact things quickly started getting more and more intense in a long distance, never met in person kind of way. I broke up with the ex-bf and found myself free for the first time in a very long time. I decided I had to meet the young Frenchman. He flew over to the US the day after Christmas in 2002 and I picked him up at the airport. The meeting at the airport was literally like an out of body experience. I saw him and just knew he was the one. He kissed both my cheeks and took my hand as we walked out of the airport.

    Over the next year and half we spent a lot of time going back and forth between the US and France for months at a time until US immigration said enough was enough. We had already been talking about getting married at that point, so I wasn't really shocked when he asked me to marry him in December 2003. One month later we were married on the French Riviera with just our immediate families present. It was incredibly romantic to say the least.

    The immigration process kept us newlyweds apart for long weeks at a time, but finally, 5 months into our marriage, he was granted legal residency in the US and he came over permanently.

    Every day I love this man more and more, we are expecting a baby next month and it's pure bliss. The age difference has not been an issue in any way.

    How's that for a happy OW/YM story?

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    Sora, that was beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your awesome story.

    (BTW - my Jeremy (along with my older son) is into Japanese and other Asian inspired things. It was one of the reasons that they hit it off so well. That's so cool!)

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    Rob Guest
    I'm not sure if this is exactly a happy ending yet, but here it goes anyway.

    First of all, we got together because of a band we both like. When I started university I had a lot of free time and spent a fair bit on a discussion forum for people into this band. After I while I noticed someone else on there, who just seemed really, really nice and friendly. We never e-mailed, just got along quite well on that forum. I put any romantic thoughts out of my head because I knew she was older than me, married, and in the USA, but I guess I must have had some feelings for her for a while.

    Things continued in this way for months/years, and then in late 2003 the former guitarist of the band released an album and did a tour here. My g/f had been having problems with her marriage and stuff, won some money on the state lottery, got some more unexpectadly from somewhere else and decided that it would pay for a plane ticket to fly over here to see him in March 2004. She was going to catch one gig in London and then come here to Manchester the next day for the next one. She arranged to stay with someone else off the discussion forum that I had actually met a few times myself. So, I knew we would meet at this gig.

    As it got close to that date I started to get a bit excited. I dunno, I guess I'd (we actually) felt some kind of special connection, because I'd met other people from that discussion forum before and not felt quite as nervous. I remember thinking to myself that day before we met "you can't even consider it". Well, we met and we got on great. After the gig we went to a club and we spent the whole night talking, and then dancing. We got quite close and then even closer, and I got a bit nervous about it all, decided it was never going to work and told her just that. After all, she was going through a difficult period in her life, and lives half way across the world!

    She seemed to understand that, we spent the short time that remained of that night together but nothing happened. We held hands and she gave me a kiss on the neck as we were leaving, quite craftily because I wasn't looking. The next night we got together again, with a couple of other people, and had a few drinks. Still nothing happened. But she had given me her e-mail address and when she got home we started e-mailing.

    A few days, maybe a week, after she got home, and a few e-mails in, she sent me an e-mail just expressing how I made her feel that weekend. Then she sent me a poem she'd written about it. It broke my heart, I realised how stupid I had been, just because I was worried about getting hurt. Then we decided between us that I could visit in the summer. Still we were saying we would just be friends, but that changed very quickly. I knew I'd get there and we would just have to be together. I finally gave in to my real feelings and decided it wold be worth the risk of possibly getting hurt. All the while we were e-mailing more and more, longer and longer e-mails, and we were talking on the phone. By my birthday (7th May) I realised I'd fallen for her completely. She rang me whilst i was out with some friends and I was so, so happy to hear from her. I realised how happy just speaking to her made me and when I got home early the next morning I rang her and talked for hours about everything. I'd decided for sure that she was the one!

    So in August I went over to see her for 10 days. When we saw each other we just hugged and held hands out the airport like it was the most natural thing in the world. I think we barely let go of each other for that whole 10 days. And now I've been back over there another 3 times and she came here once, at Christmas/New Year, when she met my family. She's coming back here again for a few days in 2 weeks, and once I've done my exams and finished university I'm going to save some money and go over there for a couple of months. I'm almost 100% going to be there for August 1st. WE decided we HAVE to spend that day together because it's kind of our anniverary and an important date to us both.

    The only real complication is that we have to do things right by her daughter. She's not ready yet to have someone come along and be her mums husband. And there's no way we can see us being able to be together without getting married. So there are no plans after this summer. I might still be here this time next year, which is kind of depressing because all I want is just to go over there and for us to be together. That's why I say it's not a happy ending, not just yet anyway....

    (blimey, that took a while!!!!!!!)

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