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Thread: Survey of Older woman/Younger man Marriages

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    jeffswife Guest

    Thumbs up Survey of Older woman/Younger man Marriages

    Married 5 years plus! Jeff is 36. I am 57. Relationship is so wonderful! We have been together 8 years this May. Our love grows stronger. Maybe the sexual steaminess like in the beginning isn't there as much, but the understanding & trust is stronger than ever!
    Just curious of marriages with the age difference thing.
    How about a survey? Think it would be fun!!
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    proudnavywife_7 Guest
    My husband Adam and I have been married 10 months and still very much IN LOVE he is 19, I am 37.

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    marcy Guest
    Hi there!

    I am 37 and my husband is 20. We have been married for only 5 months.

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    Harrison Guest

    Talking Welcome!

    Hi, there!

    My wife is 52 and I'm 36. Been married 5 years now.

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    christina923 is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2003
    CT, USA
    53, husband is 35. married 9 months

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    Belisama's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    Feet firmly planted on the ground
    Me - 39, husband - 24 and today is our "seven month anniversary!"

    This coming Sunday marks the two year anniversary of when we officially began dating.

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    thatgirl Guest
    I'm 46 and my husband is 36. We've been married 11 years.

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    Buffeaut Guest
    Good survey, Jeffswife. I'm not married yet, but am 34 and my girlfriend is 53. Have you two dealt with a lot of family resistance to your marriage? If so, how have the two of you handled this?

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    skatergirl Guest
    You guys (couples) are all unbelivably cute! Put a tear in my eye and give me hope! YEAAAA!!!! Good luck Buffeaut!!

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    jeffy-weffy Guest
    Well I plan on buying a ring and popping the question when I get back. I'm gonna have a heart shaped diamond in the center, do you think she'll like that?

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    Inahnia Guest
    Me 55, him 38...married 2 years.
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    rabbit Guest

    NOt me but

    MY Ym's grandparents have been married for 30 yrs. She is older by ten years. I know it's ot me but I still thought it would be inspirational.


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    Kristin's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Jeremy and I aren't married yet, but we're living together and planning on marrying.

    But his dad and step-mom have been together for over 18 years! They have an 11 year gap. (I think he's 43 and she's 54.) She married him and took on his three small children from a previous marriage and then they had a child together, too. He's 17 now.

    Funny how history repeats! Just as Jeremy, his dad took custody of his kids from his drug-addicted ex, fell in love with an OW while in his early 20's and lived happily ever after!

    Scott and Blanca are soooo cute together. She's so open about everything that it embarrasses Jeremy sometimes. I do the same thing to my kids, too! LOL!

    Jeremy's mom says he was MEANT to be with an OW!

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    Susie64 Guest
    Married since January (8 months) to my YM (22) and me (40). Its also been rather "rocky" these last few months and a challenge. I'm dealing with some immaturity issues on his part that have really surprised me, since he wasn't this way when I met him! Argh! I think I will have to post for some advice.


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    Buffeaut Guest
    Jeremy's mom says he was MEANT to be with an OW![/QUOTE]

    Very Cool! He is fortunate to have such a supportive Mom. God bless her!

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